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bunk beds - your experience? Lock Rss

Little Miss' wrote:
We have cheap metal ones. They've been great. I've not had to tighten them up yet and we have had them for nearly 3 years. Not wobbly or anything. We will upgrade to good timbre ones eventually but in the mean time they do the job. Our are from super amart.

we got ours from super amart too and they have been fine smile

Not to be a downer but it's really not recommended that children go into a top bunk until at least 9. There is something like 4000 accidents a year involving young children falling from bunk beds and there have been some pretty serious injuries.

Forever, for always and no matter what

Sorry hun didn't realise that your oldest was almost 9. I just have friends that have their 4 yr old in a top bunk and just don't realise how dangerous it is

Forever, for always and no matter what

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