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Since we don't have kids (yet), me and my fiancée tend to do the general cleaning on Saturday only. One of us will vacuum and mop the floors, while other is washing the bathroom or arranging the closet. We only vacuum the floors on Wednesdays too.
Then when necessary I'd do the garden, while she cleans the fridge and other kitchen appliances. At least twice a year we do the windows too. And about once a month I clean the garage. We also tend to go through the stuff in the attic and throw away the unnecessary garbage at least once a year.

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Before my child was born I did about twice as much cleaning as I do now, I don't have the time and quite frankly would prefer to spend time with my husband and son. I make sure I keep the place clean during the week and then use a cleaner (I never thought I would!) once every two weeks to do a deeper clean.

Had a few problems finding a decent one, but found one through who (claim to) check people out before they list them.

I used to think using a cleaner was a 'cop out' but now I think its just a better way to use my time.
I read all the replies. My and my husband clean the house just on Sunday, but each day we wash our dishes, run the washing machine and mop the floor. We love staying in a clean home, but also in that way the job that needs to be done on Sunday is less.
It's all point of view and free time.

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Vaccuum: 1-2 times a week depending on how much "traffic" we have in the house.
Dusting: 1-2 times a week, depending on how much dust I see tongue
Changing sheets: every 1-2 weeks
vinegar and baking soda are the main weapon against grease and dust in my house
Change sheets once a week - every Friday for some reason.
Vacuum almost daily. Mop about once a week in winter, 3 times a week or more in summer months. Hate cleaning the bathroom but toilet gets wiped down most days, shower screen about once a week.
Also I can't stand carpet cleaning. Hopefully I have a number of one local service here in Auckland. I have a lot of carpets and two white ones in my cabinet.
SLC:) wrote:
I vacuum when too much stuff sticks to my bare feet... .

Love that! Me too. Wow Nay7, I need you at my house. I have a five week old and nothing is clean! Hate this mess, but recovering from a C-section and infection has left me near bed bound. (plus, the other half doesn't know how to clean. His idea of washing dishes is rising under cold water and wiping off grim with his fingers!!)
I try to vacuum once a week, dust every day. Live in the outback so dust is a huge problem for me. Clean out my fridge, entire kitchen for that matter, once a fortnight and scrub down my bathroom once a week. At the moment, everything else is on hold or waits until I can find a moment. Have two washing baskets full of dirty things at the moment! Going crazy.
Here is my cleaning routine every week.
In general, I do the vacuum 3 times a week, and almost clean the floor with a mop after dusting every day. For kitchen cleaning, I wash my range hood once a week and clean kicthenware with a dishcloth or dish scrubber after meals. I won't leave any used dishes piled up in the sink. PS: vinegar and baking soda are really helpful while cleaning greasy dishes or cookware!
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