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Hi all,
My ds came home from school with texta marker stains on his yellow school polo shirt, I rubbed it straight away with wonder soap and cold water, let sit for a bit then washed as normal, but stain was still there. So I then soaked it in some nappy soaker for 2 days (happened to be out of town for the weekend and forgot to pull it out) but the stain was still there.
Just looking for any other advice on what I can use that's a little more heavy duty that might get the stain out
tia smile

Try spraying with aerosol hairspray and then rinse and they put white toothpaste on it and rub rinse a bit out and rub again. Repeat with the toothpaste and it should come out. Works really well for paint as well.

Good luck white toothpaste is my go to in the laundry. It only works with white toothpaste not gel.

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