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Bathroom Reno, where to start? Lock Rss

We have just moved into our first home, yay! Its still got its original 50's bathroom.

How on earth do I go about choosing the right plumber/builder or reno company? We have zero experience. I don't know if its something a reno company would do has we just want to replace everything like to like with quality but not fancy fittings.

We are new to the city so don't know anyone who has had any work done to ask for recommendations.
Hi, It depends on what you want done. If its just tap wear update, then just a plumber. But if you need to move things around you will need a carpenter and a plumber plus maybe a tiler. It all depends. YOu need to work out what you want wear or what you want done, then call a plumber in for a quote (check that they do free quotes) then go from there, they should tell you if you need a carpenter etc. However it is cheaper and easier to leave things like showers where they are and maybe just redo the screens etc.Good luck and full bathroom renos are far from cheap.
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