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So we have moved into a house that has a raised garden bed. The only thing I can see in it at the moment is mint.
We have never had a garden before and I feel overwhelmed about it. But having a bed and not using it seems really lazy.
We have no gardening tools or anything.

What I can gather from the internet there is nothing I can plant anymore that its winter time.

But when/where/what do I start???

Also if you have a good website that would be helpful.

The veges we eat are salad veges, broccoli, cabbage, courgette, beans.
We have had a vegi patch for a few years now. The kids love it. You really don't need much to have a vegi patch. All you need to do is go to the $2 shop and get a hand shove etc.

Have a look at the below web site it will tell you what to plant and when.

We have cabbage, broccoli, snow peas, parsley, chilli's, mint, chives, tomatoes are still hanging in with the warm winter that we have had. It's great fun and the kids love to eat what we have grown.

Also if your not sure what to plant when. Head to your local plant shop and have a look at the seedlings as they usually only have what should be planted at the time.

Once you had it all planted it really does not take much to maintain. Just a little water and weeding once or twice a week.

Good luck.

The tui vege garden guide is really good (and is a nz book) and is often one of those books that gets sold on discount. I used it when I had a small patch and it goes over companion planting, succession planting and so on. I think they also have a website.

My advice, plan where to have your patch and what sun/shade it gets and what soil it has. Soil prep is easily the most important but time consuming and expensive part of the process but once you've done that you have a much better chance of success. Start small i,e. Your basic and easy to grow salad stuff lettuce, tomatoes, a cucumber etc and get more ambitious about the quantity of plants and varieties as you get more confident. And you may as well get a compost bin going while you're at it.

My garden didn't go so well because I didn't put the effort into the soil first time around (it wasn't deep enough and I didn't mulch) and got lazy with watering.

Good luck. It's really fun and rewarding, especially if you plan it and prep it well. smile

Thanks all. I still feel motivated. But after having a look at around the garden centers and looking at the upcoming weather I think I will wait until early spring before I plant.
You could do a green manure crop over winter to put more nutrients back into the soil to make sure your summer crops turn out great. Google it. I did a winter growing and chicken keeping course at my local garden centre. They are very helpful, fun and often give free seedling. Have fun growing! It's so good for the little ones.
I would recommend starting small and simple, so you don't get overwhelmed. We've just done something similar, although we put the garden bed in ourselves. Start with salad greens, radishes and leafy green veg like kale and spinach

I agree that you should visit a garden show. There you will learn a lot about the different plants, when they grow, how much water do they require, and everything else. It would also help you to join some kind of gardening community on the Internet. They post articles and stuff quite regularly, so you will be up to date with everything in the gardening world. When it comes to tools, I would recommend you to buy second hand ones for now, just in case it turns out gardening is not your calling. And if you don't have any time, you can always call a professional gardening company and forget about the problem. smile

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