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Getting Rid of Ants!!!! Lock Rss

Needing Help ASAP!!!!!
Just went to put my son in his cot with a bottle and found ants all through his cot. Wanting to know what is the safest way to get rid of them with out doing any harm to my son when he goes back in his cot? Thanks
Is it near a window ? Any chance of moving cot to diff position in room away from entry to ants? Did u follow ant path to find where they are getting in ?, normally its through a window or little hole, whenever ive had an ant problem i find exactly where they are coming in , remove all the ants and spray " surface spray " just in the hole or little area they are coming in and that has always solved the problem , good luck smile
Try to find where they are coming in and put a bit of Ant Rid also spray outside around window with surface spray. It should keep them away.

Icing sugar and bi carb mixed kills them and natural to
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