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how to wash swimming togs? Lock Rss

Its only half way into summer and DD1s news togs have lost their hold and now sag off her bottom.

After every swim, almost daily, I give them a quick hand wash and put on the line. I also put them in the washing machine every few days when doing a wash.

So is there a better way to look after togs? I've bought her a new pair and I want them to last longer.
I only notice them fade when they have been in chlorine so i have cheap ones i don't care about for swimming lessons for my 2 babies and the swimmers of theirs i really like i just keep for salt water pools , the beach and their little backyard pool , i just rinse them most times and put through wash once in a while and dry inside , only notice fading from chlorine pools , have not had a prob with sagging yet, would all depend on the quality id say smile
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