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Hi, I'm looking at the Roomba 800 up or Neato D75 up models. I have mostly hardwood floors, but a large carpet in the middle that is about 75 inches tall. My concern is which vacuum cleaner will fit easily and easily to clean this carpet along with the floors. There is very little information on the Internet about which robots are easy to install and easy to clean in this type of carpet. Can you help me advise? Thank you -
I have purchased a Bissell. And probably I used it about 10 times so far. Whilst it doesn't get out tough stains from carpets, it works just perfectly for freshening up the carpets. If you want more info on carpet cleaning options, check out this article please .
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For a while I was confused on which carpet cleaner to get. I have a dog and cat in my house and cleaning after them can be a menace. After spending countless hours scrubbing to remove urine stains I almost gave up when I found the this link -
I highly recommend you to check it out as not only I found the perfect cleaner but also learned a lot about them. Cheers!

Fresh Cleaning Services gives specialist and professional carpet cleaning services such as carpet dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning. Our professional carpet cleaners are available at any time. We offer the best discount for our clients. The reason is that our clients love us to our best carpet cleaning services in Sydney. We also provide emergency carpet cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning professionals are skilled and trained in cleaning all types of household and commercial belongings across Sydney. Hire us for your carpet cleaning services. you can call us on 0414530372.

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Hire Marks Carpet Cleaning a place where you will get fresh and sanitary environment in the home by getting Carpet Steam Cleaning as well as Carpet Mould Removal Service. You can lease the crew of Carpet Sanitisation Brisbane given by Marks Carpet Cleaning. Our adept technicians know efficient processes like Dry Carpet Cleaning which are recognised for providing excellent results. So get to us no by getting in touch with us at

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Ministry Of Cleaning is a trusted name for Carpet Cleaning Services operating all around Melbourne 7 days a week.
Our Carpet Cleaning professionals provide steam cleaning as well as carpet dry cleaning. We also provide Carpet Flood recovery for residential as well as Commercial premises.
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Ministry Of Cleaning
A highly rated Professional Cleaning service in Melbourne, Sydney & Canberra

I used to consult Opal Alterations & dry-cleaning in Canberra for carpet cleaning and other alteration services. Their services are excellent, professional, time-efficient and cost-effective.
Don't buy this kind of hoover. It works well when you have small apartment without doorsteps, shaggy carpets and... pets. Don't ask what happend when my friends cat pooped on the floor. grin the poop was everywhere smudged by their roomba. Gross.
To be honest I prefer hiring cleaning services once or twice a month. Last few times I asked for help and was very satisfied with their work. It works much better when I clean my house by myself every week but once for 4 weeks my house gets general cleaning. smile
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