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Household / Cleaning Hints & Tips


How often do you 'Spring clean' your house? Lock

In saying Spring clean, i mean, dusting, skirting boards, pulling everything off its shelf and wi...

7 replies

I would love to spring clean every week but dont seem to find the time but I do try once a month it makes me feel good.


Water Tanks plese help.. Lock

Who has one as I need to ask a question about Washing machines. My washing machine is attached to...

3 replies

Maybe get the filter cleaned and then ride it out until all the mulch is out of the tank. I feel for you though. Having a tissue go ...

getting stains out of towels Lock

i accidently washed my new cream towels with a new purple teatowel. as u can imagine my towels ar...

2 replies

the name is on the tip of my tounge its in a little blue sachet in your laundry part of the super market!!! It works pretty well! Co...

Spew Smell Lock

Does anyone know how to get vomit smell out of carpets? Thanks

14 replies

My DD sounds a lot like your DS Frances!!! I to used bi-carb, Works a treat!!!


Cleaning the hot plates on a stove? Lock

How do you clean them? Is there a special somethign that you can get? The other night we someho...

4 replies

Gumption is great for EVERYTHING!!! I love it!!!!


Cleaning Tips Lock

Hi. just thought i would start a thread about cleaning tips if you all wanna add your little secr...

7 replies

I read a good one in the paper the other day: an old electric toothbrush and some BAM to clean the grout in the bathroom.

Random Q2 - Kids B'day card storage Lock

Do you keep all the cards your kids get for B'days, Christening etc? I have (I think) most of DS...

8 replies

haha Mary - yep I'm the 3rd out of 4 kid. My older sis has about 3 books of her cards, my brother has about 1.5, I have about 3/4 of...



HI LADIES just a quick one.. i remeber a while back there was a warning about these magic erase...

4 replies

The email circulating was a fake. It was done by a lady who sells Enjo products. Chux Magic Erasers have NO chemicals or detergents...