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I think that most non vaccers do lots and lots of research, and not just make a decision based on one idiot. I'm a non vaccer and I did around 6 months of research. I made my decision based on the long term effects of the ingredients not the short term, allergic reactions a rare. I have heard of parents who swear the MMR vac caused their child to become autistic, as their kid was fine until this vaccination and maybe they are right but I'm on the fence about it. They need to do more research on ALL vaccinations. To me it's just not worth the risk but it's everyones individual decision and I never try and push my views on others.
I don't really have a strong opinion on this topic, just wanted to share my experience, my son is 14 months old, and is currently in the early stages of being diagnosed with autism. I felt that something wasn't right during my pregnancy, and the feeling only intensified after he was born, but everyone around me was telling me he was perfectly fine. His "obvious" signs of a problem coincided with his vaccinations, so if I hadn't had those feelings that something wasn't right, I probably would be blaming the vaccinations also.

My paed told me the main issue with non-vaccination is the increase in contagious diseases will (and is) causing a higher death/disability rate in infants. That was my main reason for choosing to vaccinate!
Posted by: Staaria
People will be believe what they want to believe and if they look hard enough they will always find something to back up that belief....
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Lots of people use this argument as a way of justifying not researching at all. (not saying you are!!)
Most people don't question what the standard procedure is and the only info they have is what their dr tells them. You only need to go through this site to see the varied opinions that drs have and it goes for vax as well.

The autism / immunisation link has not been proven by the man that hypothesized it, nor has it been disproven by the people against it.

Autism is complex and so are peoples reactions to vaccines. Autism may not be caused by a vax, but it would be very naive to claim that the vax is totally unrelated. Especially for those who see changes instantly.

Just because a study hasn't found an answer one way or another, we should probably pay a bit more attention to the people that are saying a vax is linked to their childs ailment. For the most parents are very intuitive and they can pick up on stuff even if they can't quite pick what it is. Then later as 2 approaches their kid is diagnosed with autism and it all clicks into place. Now imagine you are a mother who is extremely in tune with your child. They get vaxed, their kid changes in the space of a week and everyone says no studies have proved there is a connection, you are just looking for something to blame......

Its crazy. Vax is an experiment. They have never used so many vaccines in such a short time frame before. The way they learn what is safe and what isn't is by reactions from the public. It is ludicrous to blanketly say there is no connection when you have so many people claiming a similar reaction to a vaccination. People always pull the third world argument to this, but nobody seems to consider autism diagnosis isn't at the top of the list in third world countries.

Its just something we should be a little more open about rather then sticking to one side (no matter which side that is)

They don't know whether it contributes to autism or not. That is not the same as it does or it doesn't.
OC1246 - I read an interesting article you might like...

Why Don't The Amish Have Autistic Children

I also read something else, which I can't find, that had a theory that vaccines bring out autism in children that are at risk. That's why it doesn't happen to the magority. That sounds quite valid to me. I don't think they'll ever prove them safe anyway, chemicals like that can never be safe. They'll have to change the ingredients altogether. I'm sticking with homeopathic vaccines.
thanks for that!

Its so annoying when you can't find the references your after isn't it!! Happens to me all the time!
my sister who works as a director of a child care centre, was telling me this weekend. that the govt (next financial year) wont pay CCB if your child is not immunisated. i found that interesting and i guess if they do, there will be a bit of an up roar
that is interesting..... I would have thought that would come under discrimination though.

I wonder whether it applies to those who have signed a conscientious objector form, in the same way that you can get the immunisation payment even if you kid has not been vaxed.
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I'm sorry but that Amish article was rubbish. Clearly there are more differences in the lifestyles and choices of Amish people than just non-vaccination. Perhaps it is the fact they don't use electricity? or less food additives? or get more fresh air? or they don't have the yet undiscovered gene which causes autism and they don't have alot of new people in their communities and therefore are unlikely to have it introduced? Pretty unscientific article, in answer to the question in the article, "How much more evidence do you need?" I answer - plenty more.

I also think it is hilarious that you can get an immunisation payment even if you haven't had your child immunised. LMAO.

I suspect the vaccination payment is to get an idea of how many are vaxxing, how many are choosing to not vax and how many have not commited either way (according to paperwork.) To get the payment and not vax you have to go to a dr and get a conscientious objector form signed. This means you usually have a lengthy discussion with your dr to make sure you actually have an understanding of your decision. By doing this it means the gov can get an idea of how many people are objecting to vaxing for whatever reason.

Apparently the vax payment is included in the baby bonus and they just put it aside until they either get the vax record or the co form. That is why everybody is entitled to the money. It is essentially just letting them know what people are doing.
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