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Has anyone ever Lock Rss

had an asthma attack without actually having asthma?
my latin teachers girlfriend had never been diagnosed of asthma had one asthma attack and died so yes it does happen

are you sure its an asthma attack??...i hve asthma and also suffer from panic attacks and i cant always tell the difference

I guess it depends are you talking about not being diagnosed with asthma n having n asthma attack or is it possible its like a panic attack hyperventilation kinda thing?

Geez Callum, thats so sad!

Im pretty sure, i was in my gym class so no need to panic lol. My throat closed up, couldn't breathe for about 5 or so minutes until i had ventolin
Hi Denae

I read your earlier post on FB

My sister never had asthma as a kid but started off by having breathing difficulties like you described when exercising in her 2o's that got worse quite rapidly. Her chest would get tight when exercising but then she got a persistant cough that wouldn't go away either

She was diagnosed with adult-onset asthma a couple of yrs ago.

Def get it checked out xox
thanks Jo. that doesn't sound nice at all for your sister sad i hope it was just a one off. It was just so sudden and scared the crap out of me. Sounds like i'll need to go to the dr
Yes there is an exercise induced asthma...
That is how mine started but because I left it untreated now lots of things can set it make sure you see a doctor about it!
Hope you get better...
I can only do very light excersises ...
have you been stressed at all? i get sever Anxiety attack thats makes it extremely difficult to breathe. they happen to me after a while.. just all the stress getting hold of me

Not stressed more then usual lol.

I really think it from the exercise, hit me like a ton of bricks. I was perfectly fine, obviously sore and tired near the end of any gym class but i was holding up pretty well!
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