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hi I took these photos of dd2 just now. We are going through the process washing her clothes with less powder, using cortosone cream twice a day, I bath her once a week with ponge baths nightly and if she needs it during the day. Also sorbolene cream.
We want to give it a week before going back to the drs.

i just wanted a another opionion. Also she isn't bothered by it.
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Holy crap, that is real nasty looking!

I dont know how to help, i used the derm aid cream i think it was with Hannah, but it wasnt that wide spread on her.

Is that photo just after a bath? How is she fed?

Id say keep baths to once a day though.

3 Little Ones to Love.....

Wow, I can't believe it doesn't bother her. My DD2 hs eczema and she would scratch constantly till she bled. I recently took her to the Dr for a second time. One of the things he told me was to try not to keep her in the bath for too long because it washes away the skin's natural oils. We also got a steroid cream for her because the cortisone wasn't cutting it. Now that it's under control again we can go back to the cortisone.
My DS suffers severe excema, unfortunately its alot worse than that at the moment. We have tried and tried various creams. We are currently using dermeze, from the chemist. it has helped alot. If it gets bad we also use Elecon which is a cortizone cream and it reduces the redness, but does sting him.

When its looking good we just use good old regular paw paw cream and that helps keep it moist.
Gawd it looks so sore Lucky she isn't bothered by it!

DS1 gets eczema have it under control now but when he was a baby I would bath him as little as possible as water alone can dry out the skin I'm talking like once twice a week, even now he doesn't get bathed/showered every day. I use the QV range for DS they are fab!

If it's been hot where you are her sweating may contribute to irritating it so try to keep her as cool as possible which I'm sure you're doing!
the other thing to try is an anti fungal cream. eczema is prone to fungal infections. only found this out last year when no treatment was working on DD1 eczema. 2 weeks with an anti fungal plus other treatments and it was all gone. we still get eczema but not as bad. GP told me about this, so I like to let other know because DD1 had bad bouts of eczema and I was never told they can get fungal infections until we had a new doctor and she knew straight away what was causing it to stay.
Hi those photos were taken just before I posted.
We're in brissie so it's being bloody hot, and she is a drool machine. Mostly during the day she is either in a nappy or with a singlet. That's why we're thinking the laundry powder.
She's breastfed, and I haven't noticed any changes depending I on what I eat. We have hayfever in our family, and dh's half bros son (a mouthful) gets hives from too much dairy but bil is asian and none of the other kids have food allergies. She has being having a bit of Vegies and fruit but haven't noticed any difference. It seemed to first come on with the dust storms we had, but hasn't gone a way.

When we do bath her it's only being once a week with dd1, so more for a play. I've being giving her a wash with just a wet washer at night. She gets a really grubby neck so if she's being gooey i'll wipe her again.

I think she is to young to scratch it yet, except by accident. It doesn't get weepy or anything like that. I'll take her back to the drs next week if we don't see an improvement.

Also do you girls find the rash is better when you leave them nudie?

Thanks again
I suffer from yucky eczema as well

My only advice would be not to use sorbolene cream as it can prevent the skin breathing which can make it worse

When you do bath her put some normal oats in a stocking and put in the bath squeaze it til it runs milk like substance its great for stopping redness

Aww poor bubba. I get ezcema and I had it really bad when I was 18 my Dr actually prescribed me antibiotics to kill off the infection it had spread all over my arms, chest, legs from one patch on my leg and hydrocortizone cream.

Try keep her moisturised I have heard that can help? So lucky she isn't bothered by it

Oh the poor little guy, that looks bad.

Fabric softner made my DD's eczema flare up and one time she was prescribed the cortisone and we were told to apply sparingly and only use for a few days as it thins the skin. We've just used it again for a few days as she had it in the insides of her elbows and it looked so angry and red, it cleared it almost the same day we started using it. (Egocort cream).

I'd not worry about sponge bathing daily unless she needs it and apply sorbolene several times a day.... my cousins DD has eczema badly and sees a specialist once a month who advised to do this (she also has asthma so sees him for that too).

I hope it comes good for you soon.
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The poor thing!

I would be seeking a paed referral to be honest. Has she had the rash for a while???? Or does it flare?

My DD suffers eczema but is allergy related. She has a Cows Milk Protein allergy and reacts to some other foods also.

We use QV wash in the bath (no soap based products) and I found paw paw cream alot better to use than any sorbolene cream. With my DD cream seemed to make it flare more.
Maybe seperate her clothes and wash with a sensitive liquid rather than powder if you arent already

Good luck - its not a pleasant thing at all

My DD had it really bad too, as soon as i stopped BFing i went away & i havent seen it since.

Perhaps look into something that you might be eating/drinking that could also be a cource.
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