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My baby girl is very sick. New update. Lock Rss

My baby girl was rushed to hospital by ambulance last night, with suspected meningitis, I had called a locum out after a member on here suggested it to me, he looked her over and was on the phone to the ambos straight away, the ambos arrived within 10minutes and just as they walked in the door she suffered her first fit, once stabilised she was rushed to hospital where on the way she suffered 2 more fits and became unconcious.

Once at the hospital she was rushed off to an isolated area, and I was taken to a quiet room. I remember nothing really in the next hour except that my mum had arrived. It was then that the doctor came in to speak to us, he told us she was placed in a induced coma and on a ventilator, that he suspected it was bacterial meningits and that they had started her on all these different medications. She had blood test galore and was given a lumbar puncture. He then told me my baby girl had a 50% chance of survival overnight, but they were doing all they could. When I got to see my little girl all I could do was cry, she was so helpless and connected up to all these different machines.

She was moved to ICU, where she was placed in isolation, I couldn't sleep I just sat there watching her. In the morning a team of doctors came to see her, it was comfirmed she had bacterial meningitis, they took more blood and checked her stats, they said there was some improvement. They said her chances of recovering are higher now, so I am relievd about that.

It was recommended that I go home to sleep, but how can you?? I can't even think about sleeping, while my daughter is so ill. I've come home for a bit to grab some things and to have a rest, her daddy is with her at the moment but I still feel hopeless.

I wrote it on here mainly to get it out, I've tried talking to friends but all I do is cry and I just can't seem to get it out.

Well I'm about to head up to the hospital again, I've been away for nearly 4 hours, which is way to long for me. I'm hoping to get another update from the doctors when I get there, am hoping they'll let me hold her.
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I am so so sorry to hear that your little girl is so unwell.
Wishing you and your family all the best.
Sounds like she's a little fighter and will pull thru ok.

oh mate, how terrifying. i truely hope she will be ok. GBH..........

OMG how terrifying for you and your family - I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing your DD a safe recovery, and sending you big hugs and strength for your darling girl.
Oh, that is horrible for you and your little girl to have to go through that.

I know what you mean about not wanting to leave them there at the hospital. My DD was in hospital for a while when she was 2.5 years old, the nurses told me to go home and rest. I said no way. I knew she was in good hands, but I didn't want her waking up to a room full of strangers. Are they able to put a sofa bed or something in her room for you to sleep there with her?

I hope that your little girl keeps improving and that you can take her home soon. Be strong, be positive and she will be home before you know it! Big hugs to you. xxx

OMG how terrible for you all sad

I hope she continues to recover, how scary for you sad

Take care!
Wow how sounds like the doctors are doing the best they can. I am sure she will pull through, I will be thinking of you smile
Oh, big hugs to you all, hope she has a speedy recovery. xo

Mum of 2 beautiful boys

oh god hun!
ill be praying for your little girl. im sorry you have to go through this. life is so cruel!
your little one sounds like a fighter if she is already recovering!

oxoxo GBH oxoxo

OMG how scarey!! I am sooo tremendously sorry that you have to go through this! I have not much to say except that I truely hope your little bubba makes a serious improvement in the coming days and i hope she will be well enough to come home soon!
I dont know you from a bar of soap, nor do i even know if we live in the same bloody state, but please, if you need anything, as small or large as it may be, please let me know!
Ill be thinking of your family tonight and every night untill she is well again!!



Hi thanks heaps for all the replies it means alot to me, I am leaving now for the hospital and am really praying for some good news.
OMG... how scarey for you.... I feel like I am repeating what everyone else has said... but omg... it would be so so scarey....

Its not nice when you see your little one in a drug induced coma and a machine basically doing everything to keep your greatest asset alive.... not to mention extremly scarey.... however try not to let it scare you... maybe ask the nurses if they have some special lip balm that you can put on her lips... little things like that... they say touch and talking is very important to...

Big Hugs to you and your family....

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