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My baby girl is very sick. New update. Lock Rss

Thinking of your DD and wishng for her speedy recovery.

My uncle had that as a child he is fine now and had no ill effects from it and that was like 40 years ago, technology and medicine had improved so much since then. Stay strong we will all be thinking of you and your little girls.

im so sorry to hear this, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. my little sister had this when she was a few weeks old, and she recovered fully. GBH to you!!

Oh man ...I am just reading this now !!

You poor bugger !! ...really hoping everything works out for you mate !! .this is terrible !!

keep us updagted will ya !! ...oh love ..give her a kiss from us !!

I'm glad you got some good news and she's improving. I've been thinking of you and your little girl. Can't wait to hear another update that she's doing even better

I am so pleased to hear that she's keeping up the fight, I have been thinking of you. I don't know what to say but keep strong, and I hope this is all behind you very soon.

My friend's DS had meningitis about 4 years ago, he was 4. He did have some speech problems afterwards, and needed TT again, but is now a happy healthy little boy who you would never guess had any issues at all. I'll keep praying for you xxxx
oh my goodness I'm only just reading this now too... you poor things! I don't know that I would cope with that at ALL if it were me... but I guess you don't have a choice - just have to! sad

It's great that you are so positive about it, because that's what she needs!!

It sounds like she's a fighter to me, and with tears in my eyes I send you all the love and strength I have. xxxxxx
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Just wanted to wish you all the best... no parent should ever have to fear for their child's life. I hope you are staying strong and that your little girl is getting better all the time.
My thoughts and prayers for your daughter's continued improvement.

(((Hugs))) Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery. I can't imagine how awful it must be for you xx

Wishing for a speedy recovery for your baby girl xxooxx
Sounds like she`s a little fighter.
Thoughts & prayers for her continued improvement & recovery.xx
Glad to hear she is improving and showing positive signs!
Keeping your daughter in my thoughts and prayers xoxo
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