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My baby girl is very sick. New update. Lock Rss

Glad to hear she is improving.. Hopefully she will continue to do better and can come off the ventilator on Monday.
GBH's to you and wishing your daughter a quick recovery.

I have read your post so many times and just don't know what to say.

All I can do is send as many positive thoughts towards your little girl as possible and hope and pray she is okay.

I can't imagine how hard this is for you. My thoughts are with you xxx
I am so sorry that you are going through this. Twice my daughter has been rushed to hospital with 40.5'C fevers and suspected meningitis and thankfully both times it has been negative. (they never found the cause both times but it was long stays in hosp). It is incredibly scary and I am thinking of you.

Mum to twin boys & baby girl

So sorry to hear about your little girl.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Big hugs to you xxx

I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and have dropped in to see if everything is ok...
same as ~one*s_enough~
just checking in to see how everything is going. still thinking an praying for your little girl and you.


Well thought I'd update again while I'm home trying to rest, bubs had a bit of a turn in the early hours of Saturday morning, she started fitting and they couldn't control them. They finaly stopped them and sent her for a ct scan, the left side of brain is showing a little damage, but they won't know the full extent til more tests are carried out, they even said it could be fine and heal. She also started to develop a rash, which I found weird as I thought she was getting better, but they say it doesn't mean she's getting worse and it's just part of the illness.

They are going to keep her on the ventilator til at least Wednesday now, I was so looking forward to today, but I know it's whats best for her. I was able to hold her this morning for 10minutes, but I hated putting her back down.

It's just not fair, I really don't know if I can cope anymore. I really feel as it's my fault, due to medical issues with her we put off her 12month old vaccinations, she was meant to get them done in 2 weeks. I just keep thinking if she had them done at 12 months she might not be so sick now. Pople keep saying you can't keep thinking what if, but I do.

Just incase anyone was wondering my DD's name is Annabelle and she'll be 17motnhs next Saturday.

Thanks for thinking of us, it's good to be able to come here and let it all out.
Oh honey. Dont blame yourself, this probably would have happened even if she had her immunisations. I am sending you all my thoughts and all my love, I wish there was more I could do for you.
oh god, i am so sorry to hear that. i think about you both each day and wonder how your dd is getting on. i hope there is someone looking after you too. i cant really say anything other than i hope she gets better real quick.
You need to stay strong for you baby right now. There is no point in going over your should haves or could haves. You cant change the past. You did what you thought was in the best interests of your child and for that you shouldn't feel guilty.

Find hope in all the positives! STAY hopeful! I sincerely hope Annabelle comes through this ok and unscathed.

I hope you have some good support with you. Big hugs. xo
Hi, just wanted to let you know that I know exactly how you feel. I had my 8 year DS in the Mater Hosp in Brissie in june/july after a fall out of the tree. Cracked skull/brain bleed/fits etc etc. They hated having to give him the MRI or CAT scans all the time as its so much radiation but they too couldnt figure out why it was still happening. He was in and out of consiouness for 3 days solid and the emotional strain on you as there mum is huge. I had my 'baby' DD too who was just 15mths old and I couldnt do anything to help look after her as i spent every single day and night by his bedside. She was a mess not having mummy and it tore me apart to have to kiss her goodbye. All I can say is be positive. Dont beat yourself up over not getting her immunisation done. I'm sure if she didnt have the medical issues at the time then she wouldve been up to date with them but its time and unforseen circumstances
Oh hun, I'm so sorry. I don't really know what to say because I haven't gone through what you're going through. sad

I will say though, stop beating yourself up over this. You can't blame yourself for a freak virus and go back through the past searching for reasons as to why this could have happened. Sometimes these things happen and there's nothing we can do or could have done to prevent it. Don't look back at what you consider to be 'mistakes', look forward and surround yourself with loving family - and ALLOW them to hold you up and support you through this rough time!

I'm thinking of you and I really hope things improve soon.

Keep your head up!!

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