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i really need some help ladies, i am sooo itchy and sore around the top of my vagina and if i itch it it feels like its burning (is this normal?), it was that bad thismorning i was in tears, i am using the cream with the application and have had 2 doses so far, anyone have any ideas on what else i could do it help ease the itching?

fresh, NATURAL yogurt. sounds weird i know, but helps. yogurt has accidophollus (SP) which is good bacteria which helps so pop some on there, put a pad on and relaxxxxxxxxxxx

Firstly, agree with the Mrs.
Secondly I think - I THINK, not entirely sure - that apple cider vinegar helps??

We have an aloe vera after sun spray and I find if I get thrush, or if DD complains of a sore/itchy fanny then I spray some of this on and it helps cool and relieve the area..

do not scratch it!I have it too, atm and am using the 3 day cream did 2nd one last night and it feels better already.

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I had a couple years back from taking antibitotics and it was absolute hell!

I never used the cream but took one single pill and within 24 hours I was feeling SO much better. This one pill cost me $18 but was worth it. Can't remember what it was called though sorry. But you can get it over the counter at the chemist.

i find the one off tablet works in 24hrs creams do nothing for me. I get it when i take antibiotics.


Thanks, i had a warm bath with salt feel a bit better now. unfortunatly i cant take the tablet coz im pregant, i have learnt not to scratch it as it makes it feel 1000 times worse. i just got some cream from the chemist for the outside, so now i can treat the outside and the inside.

thanks for ur help ladies

I agree with Mrs MM use the yoghurt.

Can anyone advise why pharmacies get id and record your details for buying thrush cream?? I find it odd, and the pharmacist wouldn't answer my question as to why they do it....
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