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Hi, earlier today when I was changing my boys nappy (he is 10 months) i noticed a little bit of blood, not coming out in stool but just round his bottom hole. There is not too much of it, but it must hurt when I wipe his bottom, it is red. We have just started to wean off the breast, and onto a formula, he is doing well with it, has anyone had this happen to them before, he does not seem to have a reaction to any foods, he is having most things etc. Can anyone help me out?



Yes, when things are very acidic, DS gets little blood spots.

We use Sudocrem after cleaning & it clears it up fairly rapidly.

My sister uses Bepanthen.

DS tells us that it hurts now and that he wants 'cream on'.
We found this happened when we were wiping DD regularly as she was constipated and attempting to go several times a day. The irritation made it bleed.
Any nappy rash cream would be good and we also used a cool wash cloth to wipe until she felt a little better.
grin Thankyou very much for your replies. It must be from constant wiping, it just hasnt happened before. He has needed alot of nappy changes today so I think it might be that. I have been using a washer so I will just keep doing that I think and try some different creams. Thankyou so much for replying ladies


if you are using the usual nappy creams and it isn't working to get rid of it, try daktozin from the chemist. DS2 had a really bad nappy rash (it was really really red and looked as if it was bleeding like you said, and also had little red spots). the CHN recommended the daktozin, so we got some and that fixed it up. its a really thick cream based in zinc, thicker than sudocrem, so when you put the nappy back on it doesn't wipe off straight away, and protects the rash from any further irritation while it heals.

I have found that it helps to use cotton balls and water to clean sore bottoms for a few days when they are really red, or choose 'sensitive' wipes, or chlorine/chemical free ones. If you put a bit of pawpaw ointment on after each change, it will protect the area and prevent cracking.

If you are finding his stools are firmer than usual, increase his water intake (if he is not drinking water from a cup, add extra to his food), add some prunes (can be boiled a little) into baby porridge for breakfast, and give him lots of poached fruits.
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