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Baby but Im medicated... Lock Rss

So my DP and I have started TTC, but it occurred to me that as I have just been out of hospital from complications with my PCOS for like three months and I'm still on heavy antibiotics, and pain meds. I've stopped using my heavy pain meds, and most of my meds. But Im on a anti migraine medication that I really can't stop taking... my migraines cause me to pass out and lose my memories from the day (BIG BLANK SPOTS) and this medicine keeps them controlled. Its called Verapamil? Does anyone know if its safe to take, I have just moved cities and dont have a GP yet (Im also young and most GP will tell me off for TTC) so I dont really feel like I can ask a doctor and the net has come up with no results for me.
Thanks ladies...

I think the only person who can answer that is a doctor. I think you should find a GP and ask them those kind of questions.


Your local pharmacist will be able to give you any information, just go for a walk or drive and call in and talk to one. Having a good relationship with a local good pharmacist could be helpful for any further questions you have too (like what pain meds you can take etc)
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