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Very TMI Period question Lock Rss

With the blood do you mean like brownish type blood Just thicker and darker? Or is it proper black?

I have never had black blood and ive had a few interesting things happen with me.
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Ive had something similar, but I was coming off the pill at the time, so it can't be any help, sorry. My advice would be to call your gp or nurse tomorrow, and just have a quick chat to see what they think,

Could pregnancy be a possibility?? Often implant bleeding can be very dark.

Missed pregnancy?
Just because you had a period doesn't mean you couldn't have been pregnant wink But then there's also the possibility that you ov'd very early in your cycle and therefore may have conceived in that 10 days.
I recently had the exact same thing happen to me. We have been TTC#2 for a while now. My Dr said it was possibly a pregnancy that basically didn't stick but was not 100% sure as bloods did not show any HCG.
I'm interested to see what others think this could be also as I have never had this happen before and have always had regular periods and still do other than this happening on the one occassion.

Hormones sound plausible ...... Maybe .....
There's no clots not even tiny ones.

plausible doesn't even come into it where our bodies are concerned. I didn't think It was plausible that I could still be pregnant after bleeding and passing huge clots for the first 8weeks. Just assumed I'd m/c - here we are at 23ish weeks and I still can't believe I could possibly be pregnant after all that. Just go with the flow (sorry, no pun intended!) If the odd cycle repeats next month might be worth getting checked out.
I know someone who started having problems like that. In her case, she wasn't completely "clearing out" the uterus lining with each period so it was continually thickening. eventually all the extra stuff started shedding and that was what was causing all the extra bleeding. she went in for a d&c or something very similar to it to remove all the excess lining (had ultrasounds etc done first that showed the problem). Once she'd had all the excess stuff cleared out things went back to normal for her.


I was under the impression implant bleeding was very mild, not anything you'd need a pad for?

I had really bad implant bleeding it lasted 12 hours and it was constant blood to a point were I had a pad and I thought I lost my baby (I was about 9 weeks at this point) freaked me out something shocking but they did scans nothing there to say I should be bleeding so they said it must be implantation(but this also happened with my mum when she was prgs with me)
I have also in the past had "black blood" I think the period I had back in Feb/march(I have PCOS so really irregular periods) was black but it had clots I have a feeling I could of been ealy preg and M/C but its never been confirmed I only think this cos before and while the bleeding I had bad cramps and I also had heavy black blood clots but yeh Id take a test if I was u
Dark brown blood is old blood so it is likely just remnants of your period. If it doesnt stop in the next day or two, or if it happens agin next time, go see a GP and get it checked out, as midcycle bleeding should be investigated, especially if it isnt the norm for you. Hope everything returns to normal for you soon smile
Just a thought, what tpye of contraceptive are u on (if any) and has it channged recently, because mini pill, if not taken properly can cause breakthrough bleeds and so can some tpyes of the pill in some people.

I have had this happen the last couple of months also. For me its not possible to be pregnant though because my DH has had the snip done a few years ago. I was thinking it could possibly be stress related as of some things that have been happening. Will be interesting to see if it also happens to others though. Mine has been about 10-13 days after a normal AF has finished and last time lasted for 3-4 days. Not full on but enough to need to used pads etc.
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