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Warning may be TMI but have to ask Lock Rss

ok so im on the pill(levlen ed) and i took the white pills (the pills that bring period on) nothing happened until day 4 then out of no where it just gushed like i imagine waters breaking (had mine broken both pregnancys so no idea what its actually like) blood just started running down my legs by the time i took the 5 steps to the bathroom (was doing washing) it was running past my ankles onto floor then bleed lightly for couple of hours and it hasnt come back (on day 6 atm) still on the white pills this has never happened before and havent had a chance to get to docs still getting bad cramping pains i usually get while on period but not bleeding at all

Has this happened to anyone else ?

While this has never happened to me, it doesn't sound normal. My advice would be to see a DR as soon as you can. Maybe you need to change pills (my pill always lightened my period) or maybe there's something more a DR can tell you. Either way, hope you get it sorted quickly. Doesn't sound like something you want happening on a regular basis.
I too have to see my Dr (again) as during the last 4 months during the time I have taken the white pills (Im on Levlen) I have had a small smear of blood and that is all. So basically I have had no period for the last 4 months.

My dr has said I simply may not have a uterus lining.

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