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Microlut Lock Rss

hi friends,

i wanna ask one very important question, 2 days back my husband discharge on my vagina Remember that we didn't do sexual intercourse at all. im scared because im not ready for baby. my question is that still there is any chances of pregnancy because right after 7 hours later i start Microlut (according to the direction) i took 4 tablets after every 7 hours gap. now its 48 hours course i completed.
or should i do any other thing or just simply waiting for my next periods to come.

Kindly share ur experience and tell me is it safe if non of sperm was in my body and still i completed my 2 days course. any side effects on my monthly cycle ?

and plzzz tell me how much its effective to reduce the chances of pregnancy??
yeah he said to my husband that is safe because lots of people will take this medicine after having proper Intercourse and they started this medicine after 72 hours later .. but in my case i didnt do (intercourse) and start this medication right after 7 hours .. im asking to all huggies mommy because according to me u all are well educated in this manner and knows all the problems very well ..

thanks for the reply
Im confused thread Started by Zunaizaashad then memo123?? blink
that's a long long story dear,
but im looking for the answer.
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