Hi all. I had a tubal ligation (filshie clips) in Jan 2011 when my twin girls were 5 months as i have 2 other children and was done and dusted. Because i have problems with the contraceptive pill i opted for tubal ligation. WORST mistake of my life!!!!

Ever since i have had really, really heavy periods and i never had that before, i was always a medium flow for 2 days then light but now it's heavy for 3 days (change every 2 hours?). I get extreme pain when i am menstruating, worse than i had before and my period is anywhere between 27 to 37 days, before i was 28 days on the dot.
For the last month i have had chronic pain, more than usual, and they found an ovarian cyst when i went to ER. I had a follow up today and everything is back to normal but i am still in constant pain everyday.
Sex is hard enough, start then stop 5 minutes later because it hurts too bad and it has been painful since i had the procedure, but to the point now where there is no point trying. Im in canberra and am going to see my dr next week about a reversal.

Has anyone had these problems or any problems with TL and how did you go about a reversal?

Thank you ladies