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Sudden Pelvic pain Lock Rss

Last night for about an hour I had really painful pelvic area. It started in my bottom and spread to my lower abdominal area. I was shaking with pain and couldn't stand up straight.
I was expecting to get sick but nothing else happened.

Hoping its a one off. But does anyone know what it might be?
Hi A&E,

Sorry I cant remember are you pregnant or trying? Not sure I can give you any advice with out knowing where you are at.

I hope that things have improved.

No not pregnant and not trying either.
Sorry not much help. Are you due for AF? Sorry I have not experienced anything like that. I hope that things improve.

No harm in going to see your GP if it continues.

Good luck.

Could be a ruptured ovarian cyst?

I've had 3 episodes similar to this in the past and that's what my doctor put it down to. I didn't have pain in my bottom though but lower abdominal pain. It has put me on the floor in my bathroom writhing around trying to breathe through the pain in a cold sweat and trying not to puke from the pain. Lasted quite a long time - less than an hour though I'd say (hard to remember as it's been a while!)

No I don't have pocs.

Is a burst ovarian cyst something to worry about??

I do have tender breasts so might be ovulating. My cycles are irregular so no idea.
Strangely the last 2 cycles I had spotting at what must have be at ovulation time. Which I've not had before.
The first time it happened I went to the doctors about half an hour after the pain passed and they poked and prodded my abdomen, put it down to a ruptured cyst and sent me on my merry way lol! They didn't seem concerned.

If it happens again or you don't feel right in the next couple of days I'd go to the doctor in case it's something else.

I had a ruptured ovarian cyst. They cause severe abdominal pain that can last for days, I was hospitalised for 4 nights and on day 2 I had to have keyhole surgery to wash out the bleeding in my pelvis as that's what happens when ovarian cysts rupture, you internally bleed into the pelvis, and they removed the extra tissue or whatever the cyst was made of, if it was a ruptured cyst you would know about it, it is like being in labour having severe contractions when your not even pregnant, and it can last for days on end. If the pain is passing, I would say its not a ruptured ovarian cyst, just based on my personal experiance. Other women who've experienced ruptured cysts may have had different experiences, but all I've spoken to have said the same as me, very very painful. Not really somthing to worry about, just very painful. Doesn't cause any other complications other than pain for a good few days. Unless you have multiple cyst that rupture on the same ovarie, (then may cause problems TTC) shouldn't cause any problems if it just happens once. It didnt for me. I hope you figure out what's causing you pain. See your doctor if it persists. Good luck smile

This exactly describes how I feel when I ovulate - but not every month. Sometimes it's mild, sometimes sooo painful, and it starts with pain up in my bottom and spreads to usually one side of my pelvis but sometimes it's just general pelvic pain. Take notice of when AF starts; If it is 14 -16 days after the day you had pain then it could have been ovulation. Spotting during ovulation is normal too. This can come and go, or you can get it for a couple of months in a row and then never have it again. I have never had any ovarian cysts but sure get painful ovulation. It is getting worse as I get older, and I never noticed it until my late 20's.
Thanks for the replys. Ov pain sounds like a good possibility. Makes the most sense to me.
I really hope it's a one off.
100 percent if it happens again I will c my gp.
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