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HELP - 3 yr old battling against eczema for a year - steriod induced eczema? Lock Rss

Apologize for the long post, but I feel that only by giving you the journey that we have been through, will enable you to understand what advice/help I am seeking...

It all starts in April 2015. At the time, my son (28 month old) has developed a red rash patch at the right corner of his mouth. The GP decided that it was caused by excessive drooling and prescribed steroid cream for him (hydrocortisone 1%). The medicine didn't quite improve his condition. And days later, the red rash spread to rest of his face then small areas on his arms/legs.
In May 2015, We went back to the GP and he diagnosed that my son now had eczema. And we have been on steroid cream on and off since. We went back to see different GPs, no evident improvements and have tried different creams. You named it, we have tried it - Fatty E cream, Aveeno, Cetaphil moisturizer cream, emulsifying ointment, vintage tradition body balm and more. They all controlled his eczema to an extent, but nothing improved his condition. By then, I suspected that my son may have steroid induced eczema, but several GPs have confirmed that it was not the case that my son just has severe eczema.

In November 15, we finally got to see a community pediatrician nurse. I raised my concern again on steroid induced eczema. Again she made the conclusion that it was not the case (without taking any testing/examination) and told us that we simply didn't apply enough steroid cream on my boy and the steroid cream we have got was not strong enough for his case. So she prescribed hydrocortisone 2% and recommended bleach bath twice a week and at least 8+ times moisturizer application daily. I followed her instructions precisely.

From then, the whole eczema situation went crazy and became a nightmare. More intensive eczema has developed on his face, arms and legs. Every time we finished a course of steroid cream (7 days), his skin will be clean and ok for 1/2 to 1 day then it is all over again -- rashes all over body, red swelling face and more intensive itch. He had to be put on oral steroid (redipred) twice within a month. The redipred cleared his eczema for 5 days then a worsen eczema break-out returned. And during all these consultations, even I insisted, non of the GPs including the nurse agreed to test him for allergy triggers.

In Jan 2016, we decided to go to a private specialist Dr. Thorsten Stanley to fi. He did skin prick test on my LO and confirmed dust mite was the trigger. LO has no other allergies according to the skin prick test. Dr. Stanley then prescribed a even stronger steroid Elocon for my son and gave us some information on how to manage dust mite. Dr. Stanley is pricy, so I thought he must be good. Again I followed his instruction precisely.

After 5 days application of Elocon, my son's skin cleared for one day and it was rashes all over his body, and big red bumps on his arms/legs this time.

While writing this, I am frustrated and felt that I am losing this battle against eczema. I still doubt that my son has steroid induced eczema. So here I am, asking if any of the moms here have the same experience and if you have any recommendations on a dermatologist that specialize in this field? Thanks heaps.

I am only 21, so not really giving expert advice but just my support. I have had bad Eczema since birth, and still have it now. Some days my skin is clear, other days I can hardly move because of the red dry rash all over my body. I've tried all the creams and been to dermatologists and a naturopath. At the moment I am 27 weeks pregnant and for once my eczema is actually completely gone (Probably due to hormones, maybe?)
I hope all gets better for your son, all I can suggest from my experience, is
- Don't use soap, unless goats milk, or other natural options
- Moisturize daily (with plain creams, no fragrance)
- Try using sensitive skin washing machine liquid/powder
- 'Try to only wear cotton and avoid wool
- Try not to have to many soft toys as these collect dust.
- Try natural Shampoo and conditioner (No added fragrance)
- Avoid to much sugar, artificial colours & flavours, dairy and yeast ( I find eating these foods my eczema can be stirred up severely)
- Try not to go to chlorine pools too much

I am no expert obviously, but wish you all the best and hope your sons skin gets better smile
Hi, I have suffered with eczema since I was born (internal & external). Been down the path you are currently on. It sucks. It sucks balls. I bath in QV bath oil flare up as often as I can. I found it really helps! Kills the staf in my skin which makes the itch, followed by a PH neutral moisturizer. Much like your child, if I use steroids I will be good for a day or so then it returns. I now avoid them as much as possible as they also made my skin very thin, making the eczema worse when it returned. I wish you the best of luck! Please try the QV Flare Up, it's great????
So sad to hear that your baby is suffering with eczema from long time!! Eczema is a skin rash that usually appears before age 5. For many kids it begins to improve by the age of 5 or 6. It tends to show up on the cheeks, scalp but it may spread to other parts of the body. Steroid creams can stop eczema from getting worse. They’re safe as long as they‘re used as directed by your GP. You need to identify the specific trigger for this eczema and avoid it - this is the best prevention along with treatment. Severe eczema also may be treated with ultraviolet light under the supervision of dermatologist.
Thanks all for the suggestions. I have done a few research online and am going to discuss the following things with my GP today:

1. possible deficiency in Zinc that caused the skin problem.
2. Milk intolerance -- as my son's skin prick test has confirmed that he is not allergic to milk, I am wondering if he just has milk intolerance. I recalled that when this nightmare started, he just moved from infant formula to cow's milk.
3. possible steroid induced adrenal suppression -- he has been put on hydrocortisone 2% and Elocon (Mometasone). The latter is in the strong potency ladder, used on toddlers, make them more potent to possible adrenal dysfunctions. This is the one I am most concerned as my son's eczema cycle fits the profile exactly. Just hope that for once, the doctor could actually listen to me!!!

I would try going completely dairy free - irrespective of the skin prick testing. There are loads of alternatives out there now. Can seem like a huge change as it may also affect the evening family meal but by the sounds of it you are at the point where your willing to try anything.
Also would recommend this product
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