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Single Parenting - Handy tips Lock Rss

Add your Single Parents handy tip to this thread.

We can all help each other out with our ideas on how to get through the day as a single mum or dad.
As a young single parent of a 4 yr old i work part time do avon and have a tafe course, i litterally do it all on my own, i found the best way to juggle everything is to have a regular routine, i find that not only does my daughter like but so do i, as it keeps us happy and organised knowing what is happening each day and my daughter remembers her routine very well, as she has kindy, playgroup and my mum cares for her while i am at work and she enjoys it
These are my handy tips

* Try to remain on good terms with your child's mum or dad for the sake of the child

* Get agreements written up legally

* Use a good lawyer if you need one

* use your support network as much as possible

* Try to not to feel guilty (your child is much happier with one happy parent than 2 miserable parents living under the same roof)

* Take one day at a time and no matter what anyone tells you know that you are doing the best job you know how.

* Give your kids TIME, spend time reading to them, holding them, laughing with them, talking to them and telling them your proud of them and how much you love them

* Look after yourself physically and mentally - have time out, exercise, eat properly, spend time with friends and family, do the things you love, see a counsellor if you need to.

* Volunteer your time - sometimes this makes you realise that your situation is not that bad, some people have it a lot worse.

* Cry if you need to

These are some of the things that I have figured out along the journey, that is not to say I still don't have shit days because I do but in the end I think things work out for a reason.

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