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how much of a break do you get? Lock Rss

At the moment my DS dad sees him a few weekends a month. He is moving away and is only going to see him once a month/ 2 months.
How much do you get for a break and how do you cope not having a break? and still have a life
Merindas father doesnt see her, never has wanted to, never will. Personally I perfer it that way as he lives in Melbourne we're in Nth Qld.

I get a break some days as I drop Merinda at kindy then go and do my tafe work, or go to work. I know thats not really a break but (as bad as this sounds) I dont have merinda running around everywhere and being at that terrible 2s stage of her life.

Also my mum & dad live just round the corner from our house, and if I want to just get out of the house alone every so often she just goes to Nan & Pops house.

Bobbis dad doesnt get access at all, he barely knows her vice versa,
so for the last 2.5years iv had her fulltime, im nto complaining of course but yeah its nice to have a break so six months ago i enrolled her into daycare twice a week for six hours a day..
it has helped out so much,,
yeah i find it hard to go out sometimes on weekends but my life now is at home with bobbi girl and i love it...
that break during the week really does relax me as well..
I left my abusive husband 4 months ago, he doesn't see our daughter (22 months) at all which is what I want. She goes to daycare one day a week which I generally spend doing things like vacuuming etc (I know, super fun!).

I don't really have any family around, one Grandma I do have nearby has watched her while I went out for dinner with mothers group and my mothers group watched her when I went to see a lawyer last week.

My Dad who lives a little over an hour away keeps saying he'll come over and give me a break but I guess he's too busy.

I'm also 29 weeks pregnant (to my husband) so I don't suppose I'm going to have any kind of break in 2010. But all of that is better than having to spend one more minute with my husband.

Always reach for the stars...

My ex and I just had an unsuccessful mediation. My son had been seeing his father for 2 or 3 hours a week supervised by me. Now he's not seeing him at all. I work 3 days a week so my son goes to daycare and that's about the limit of my time to myself- unless I can manage to organise a day off work while he goes to daycare.

Sometimes my mum will take my son if I have to work extra hours or if I need to go do something urgent.
I get maybe two hours a day if my son has a nap. That's about it. I used to use that time to run around and clean up but now I use it as my time, I sleep or read or garden or whatever I feel like doing at the time. Can't say I have much of a life but thats ok for now I'm happy at home with my little man.
as of next week i'll get 2 days of 9-3 breaks as both my boys will be at school or daycare. but i'll be out searching for a job or looking at tafe or uni course.

i get little help from family and "dad" doesnt see the boys at all

Hi, I have a 5 1/2 yr old son and an 11 month old daughter. I am also turning 25 in March. I have my son full time and my daughter goes to her dads once a fortnight for a weekend. Its not very often that I get time to just me because I usually always have at least one child with me. Not that I am complaining because they mean the world to me. I think I am lucky to go out maybe 5 times a yr at most. Thats usually for friends birthdays. I am however looking at putting my daughter in daycare so I can go to work because I need adult interaction!!
i have my son fulltime and like PP said i use his nap times as me time now, sometimes i just sit and do nothing. but he rarely goes to my mums house. so ive learnt that i dont need to go out at night when i have my son who needs me the most and he is my priotary. but it is also nice to have some quiet time, which i am thinkin about studying or going back to work as his daycare have just offered me one day a week so i might do that not fully sure what i wanna do.. sad

DH has never met his youngest: 11 mo. Eldest just turned three and last saw his Dad Christmas before last. Hardest is that 'apparently' we are still together! My family are totally unhelpful. DH provides no maintenance even with a good job. I used to catch a bit of me time when LO had a nap: but not possible now there are two and they nap at different times. I end up taking me time after they go to sleep at night and then end up staying up too late because its the first 'relaxing' time I've had since 6am. As for getting anything constructive done in the day....... forget it.
Love my LOs smile
I get maybe 1 night break per month. I live with my sister and her daughter, so the option of leaving my daughter with her is there, I don't know what it is, but I just don't like leaving her with anyone but my Mum. Mum works full time and looks after her elderly mother, so the times she's not working, and not really tired are very few and far between. I love every minute I spend with my Zali, but I guess there are times when I wish I could have a couple of days without worry, as I have come to realise though... there is no such thing as no worry when you have a child/children.

I don't really ever get a break! My daughter's father is not around.

I live with my mother, and she has looked after my daughter *very* occasionally - say, two or three times - with the longest period being for three and a half hours. To be fair, my mother works full-time and is a shift-worker so it can be hard for her to be free when I'd like her to help. Also, my daughter is still breastfeeding and I really hate expressing, so obviously that has limited how long she can be left for, but she's nine months old now so we're coming to end of that.

My brother and sister live in the same city as me - both under half an hour away. My brother volunteered to babysit once but my daughter started crying as I was leaving so he chickened out and wouldn't let me leave. I asked my sister to babysit once (she is a teacher so has more free time than anyone else, this was in the summer) as I had urgent things to do, so she was looking after my daughter in my house and I was there too, but she did absolutely nothing and I ended up looking after my daughter myself, as well as even making tea etc for my sister!

I am studying so do this in the evening after my daughter has gone to bed. If I wasn't studying then this would be my break time, as she is in a really good habit of going to bed at 7:00pm and not getting up again. I am supposed to be studying right now!

I'm not bothered about going out in the evenings as I have few friends to go out with. I moved to a new area when I was 33 weeks pregnant and have made a lot of friends through coffee groups, Parents Centre, Plunket, etc, but they're all in relationships so I see my mum friends during the day and I don't mind that I can't go out in the evening. But it would be nice to be able to even go shopping or whatever by myself.
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