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Im currently just over 14 weeks pregnant, the father has obviously decided not to be involved as i gave him a ultimatum for end of jan that he fully in or fully out..

am i crazy going alone?? got so much support, i think i may just be having a down day..??

Any suggestion of what to do??
Hi Lucy

i'm Shelley and i've now been a single mum for 3yrs, the day i told my partner was the day he walked out.

your not crazy doing it alone, u cant force this guy into being a dad, and if u have the support of friends and family you'll do a great job.

Some things i've learnt from being a single mum, Ask for help when u need it and Have ME time.

Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy

Hi shelly,

Thanks for the Thumbs Up, just what i needed.

Time to just be happy now! =)

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