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Single parents... I'm new... Lock Rss

For nearly 2 weeks now I have been a single mummy...

Just curious as to how you all handle being single mummies/daddies??

one day at a time and lots of reassurance.. smile
you do what you can to get by, one day at a time and you do the best you can for your child.
I get through every day with knowing how much I love my child. The love for her gets me through everyday just looking at her innocent smile I know that life is worth while.

Also have a good support network of friends/family always helps.

Kepp your chin up it is never easy but however you can make your day bright smile (If that makes sense)
I've never really known any different, I've been single since my daughter was nearlly 9 weeks old, and in those 9 weeks that we were still with her father, I may as well have been single because he didn't do a thing to help. I personally love being a single mummy, I raise my daughter how I see fit, and I get her all to myself! Saying that, it does get hard at times, but I don't think I would change a thing.

As PP said, you get thru knowing that your child loves you and that you love yr child more than the world smile

For nearly 2 weeks now I have been a single mummy...

Just curious as to how you all handle being single mummies/daddies??


I have been in a relationship with my childrens father for 15 years, married for 6 and a half years. I have just become separated as of a month ago but living under the same roof while our house is being sold....

So, how are you going? I know I will be ok as I enjoy being with my children and have great loyal friends to confide to.

Good luck

It depends on why you're now single i guess, my wife and i were separated but lived together if that makes sense. It sounds complicated but it worked fine. if you share custody then it should be fun. you have your life ahead of you and a kid to love.
i know it can be hard if the other side is being difficult but rise above it and keep smiling.

On the other hand my ex died recently of cancer and now I'm gutted, I cant go into her side of the house and I'm trying to hold it all together for my son.

Being single with both of us there for kids was easy compared to what i have now.
If you're in my boat then i have no advice, but seek counselling like I'm about to do.

It's hard, but you just do what you have to do for your child/ren. There are sacrifices you have to make, changes to be made, financially and emotionally it can be very tough, but you just get through it cos you have to smile
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