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Geez im so over this trantrum crap everytime we go shopping. Yesterday I left my trolly at woolies and marched her right out to the car and went home. She was bawling the whole time we were in the car. So we went home and as we pulled in the driveway she said 'sorry mummy ill be a good girl can we go and get the groceries now please', so we went back to another woolies lol and then it started all again. She always runs away and up and down the aisles, so I said you get into the seat of the trolley (she just still fits in it) and that was a struggle and a half.

Once in the seat we had the most pleasant grocery shop ever.

Sorry I had to get that out. She is proving a handful lately, I have been trialing several things, and one of them is the whole walk out of the shop and go straight home, which is working to a degree.

I feel your pain! We don't have problems with shopping, but we're going through the talking back stage at the moment and it's doing my head in. DD1 is 4 1/2 and I'm finding myself get really frustrated at the moment, which sometimes just escalates the situation.

I feel your pain! We don't have problems with shopping, but we're going through the talking back stage at the moment and it's doing my head in. DD1 is 4 1/2 and I'm finding myself get really frustrated at the moment, which sometimes just escalates the situation.

Today she has managed to destroy my phone, she put it in a cup of water. She also ate half of my block of chocolate (my treat that I have a bit of every night).

It is just getting beyond rediculous. I lost the plot and went off and screamed at her before, goodness knows what the neighbours are thinking.

Hi, I totally hear what you are saying!! Our daughter started refusing to go into the supermarket trolley so we would have a few minutes time out in the car and things would be fine. It stayed that way for the next few weeks and then I decided to just take her into the shop. Well, let's just say the screaming could be heard across the shop. I know the checkout ladies reasonably well and she thought it was a newborn! Grr. At the time I was so shocked myself at the noise that I tightened her trolley safety belt so I knew she was safe and walked away. I waited where I could see her but she couldn't see me - I watched in horror as two older ladies went up to her and tried to talk to her, all the time scowling at me for leaving her. I'm sure she screamed for a good ten minutes - doesn't it always seem soooo long!! Anyway, since then I've been doing my shopping at night and catching up with friends either before or after for coffee. No point in getting too stressed about it - it will get better.
We were having some awful tantrums over so many things - seems like an uphill battle to stay calm and to keep being consistent with behaviour expectations. I have noticed she's improved a lot over the last month, especially as her speech has gotten a lot easier to understand. I find the sad thing is, that I definitely think twice about taking her places, because of the tantrums. Is that the same for you?
have you tried a bribe? if you are good you are getting a treat if not you won't.... also getting her to get things into the trolley for you etc?

I feel your pain. maybe next time just park up your trolley let a check out girl know and take her outside and sit her on the concrete and turn your back on her until she behaves.....

I had to do this with my older son and he only took the once to come out of the shop.
We had the same problem a few months ago but now we have a great time shopping together...want to know how smile

Before getting to coles, in the car, i tell her the rules and consequences and if she listens to mummy and does X,Y,Z she will get a chuppa chup or something of her choice.
Once at coles i get a mini trolley for her (not all coles have theese) and she has a "list" (home made cards with pictures of things we need to get)
its great fun, takes awhile longer but if your not rushed for time and just plotter along isle by isle and let her do most of it, i basically just push the trolley haha her cards are picture of milk, so she gets 3lt milk & a milk for daddy and passes it to me to put in the trolley, she helps pick which apples,nectrines,banannas ect with a little guidance i may say to her "oh thoose ones look a little yucky how about we get this one or this one?" and she will then choose from teh two that i deem appropriate, she holds teh bag and puts each peice of fruit we pick together in the bag, if i bag it she gets cranky LOL
she will be 3 in june and i think its really good learning experience for them and she is such a little miss she just loves helping and being included smile also i find by letting her choose the yoghurt and stuff (disney princess or toy story ect) more chance of her eating the entire tub!
i honestly cant remember the last time we had a tanty in supermarket since doing this method
Hey, I am lucky that my son loves shopping but you could always do the online shopping with Coles or Woolworths, both deliver to your home. I know as a few friends of mine do it.
I know this sounds silly but sometimes I do enjoy grocery shopping as it gets me out of the house LOL.

Yes her bribe is usually a bottle of flavoured milk, provided she has been good. Or even a new packet of pullups haha. I have also started her helping me with the grocery list getting things off the shelf. My brother has a friend who works at the woolies we shop at and I always threaten her with going to see this fella (as she is poo scared of the sight of him sometimes) thats if she is reallllly naughty. We also have my friend who works there and she always loves seeing this lady so thats another bonus for her.

I am also starting to watch what she eats.....and starting regular meal times at home etc and rest times. As my work hours are sometimes all over the place its been a bit hard lately.

How do people with more than one child do this kinda stuff LOL.

i have 2 girls 10 and 2 i gave up shopping with them i found a friend in the same boat she has my kids and does her shopping and i have her kids while she does her's. It makes it alot quicker as i don't enjoy doing shopping at the best of times. And the 10 yr old was my prob not the 2 yr old.
so pleased i found this thread.

I have 2 daughter, a 4 year old and a 2 year old, and i am 30 weeks pregnant with number 3..... so grocery shopping generally isnt too bad, however i have given up of late and do the online shopping, or go when hubby gets home. the children know they get a treat if they have been good..

just in general though the tantrums from the 2 of them at the moment are out of control... i am at my absolute wits end. I am not a slack mum by any means, i am on top of everything and will discipline when its needed, but the past 2 weeks its gotten out of control.

my 4 year old will back chat, and say NO, run off in the house and close her door on me, (thats a really bad one).

we have just implemented a rewards chat in the form of a rainbow. each time they are good / listen to mummy and daddy they move up on the rainbow, if they are bad/ dont listen they move down, when they get to the sparkly pink part at the top they get a treasure. so my 4 year old is at the top today and she will get a kinder surprise when she gets home from school. the 2 year old is almost at the top.. i found this has worked in the last few days and found that this chart is sooooo important to the 4 year old, she is devastated when she moves down and has learnt very quickly that it pleases her father and i if she moves up.

the only thing is deciding what "treasure" to give, we dont want it to be too small they think there was no point, but not too big that they get spoilt..

hope this method might help you?
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