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Do any of you know any thing about single parenting payment?
What types of questions you are asked ? what do they ask you in the interview?
How much can you be paid ?
can you work while being paid this payment?

We have some information on Single Parent Benefits in Australia, on our site, which you might like to read through smile
The amount of parenting payment you get depends on the income and assets of both you and your partner.

The ask a few questions like the reason why you and your partner split up, where you are living now, how long you have been seperated for. They also require 2 refrences so for example you give them a number of a family member and a friend that can confirm you are in fact single and not trying to commit fraud. When I was single and getting the single parenting payment I was getting close to $1000 a fortnight then went down to I think it was like $850 because my sons dad was supposed to be paying child support but we did a privat e agreement as I didn't want any money off my sons dad. I started working while on the single parenting payment and had to declare my earnings fortnightly to centrelink....anything earned over $174 i then had money deducted from the parenting payment I think it was like 50 cents to every dollar that was deducted from the parenting payement.


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