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I am 22 years old and am single. i have always struggled with wanting to be a parent ever since year 12 in high school. I am a nanny and you would think that being a nanny would stop me wanting to be a mother but it only makes me want to be one even more. My family doesnt know any of this and i find it so hard to think of anything else. I am currently looking for a sperm donor, so if anyone knows of anyone who is looking to be a sperm donor or if anyone is in the same situation as me please message me.
Hi. I'm 27 and have found myself in the same boat. I've spent a lot of time looking after my friends kids and found I love it. My family do know my feelings on this and are supporting me the whole way though they'd like me to have a job first. smile I'm saving up to go through a clinic so at least I know I'm in good hands.

Good Luck.

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!

I have nothing against going it alone. But I'm 24 have 19 month old, am 28 weeks pregnant and have been single for a few months (the ex was never reliable). Life has never been harder. If it wasnt for supportive family I probably would have had a mental breakdown. Makesure you are secure in a home and have a great support system and good income is so important.
Nothing agains't going it alone or young mums but given that you are in a situation where you are planning this my advise would be to wait until you are a little bit older (eg late twenties) so you can have time to set yourself up emotionally and financially to do this as a single mum.
There’s nothing wrong with having kids alone. I’m a single mum too, and loving it. But Lilahsmum2012 is right, you will need to have a stable job that pays well and the support of your family to hack it on you own. Even with two parents having a supportive family is important but when you are on your own its ultra important.
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