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Moving from DPB to Student Allowance, Child support Lock Rss

Okay so if I move to Student Allowance from the DPB, I will be $30 better off a week. However now I'm unsure whether I can move across at all now because I found out Child Support has a 2 month delay in coming through after WINZ payments stop. For me that's a loss of $100 a week from what I get now, until it kicks in. I simply cannot afford to be down $100 a week for 2 months. Has anyone else had this problem, and how did you get around it (or didn't you).
You could apply for TAS (temporary additional support) talk to your case manager about it.
A good idea might be to go to budget advice and show that you wouldn't manage on what you would get without that $100
have been there... its actually not better to swap over as you can get a lot more help staying on the DPB, including grants for study etc.

Plus the accommodation allowance on a student allowance is a lot lower than winz accommodation.

personally I would stay on the DPB as I did. but really look into it
hey yea ive done the math, given the child support i would be getting, i'd be $30 better off than on the dpb, and i study at a level too high for winz to give me any grants or assistance. i will show them my budget and hope for the best that i can get some help until child support comes through. plus then i dont have to follow all of winz little rules for mums on the dpb, like 15 hours ece each week without default, and whatever else they decide to make us do in future.
i'm on the DPB studying at level 7, I get a grant from them yearly and a few other little helpful things aswell.

I never have to go see them or anything, only when I need something. But if it better for you to be on the allowance then do it. Don't forget about the holiday breaks as you will have to switch over as well.

good luck with everything.
what grant and how much. they told me im not eligible for anything. and i study full time through summer school, so i dont have breaks. it pays right through smile
they always say that as they know if you don't know what it is then they don't have to tell you. its called sole parent study assistant or something similar to that, I also get help with my books and 2 food grants in a 6 month cycle. Well worth it as far as im concerned.
i'd rather try get a grant to cover my income loss for 2 months until child support comes through. i hate being on dbb
fair enough, its woks better for me but I hope the allowance is better for you. =)
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