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9 weeks pregnant and single Lock Rss

Hi all!

I am new to this forum and am hoping to find some support and maybe even friendships with anyone in a similar situation to me.
I recently found out I am pregnant to a guy I am not in a relationship with. He is not interested in the pregnancy/baby and has repeatedly told me he does not want a child. However at first told me it was my decision and he would deal with it either way. Now it seems the more real it gets the more horrible he is becoming.
I am the first to admit I lacked any good judgement being with this person.

Anyway I have decided to do this alone, but already am finding the idea of being single and pregnant very overwhelming. It stresses me out to the point where I make myself feel ill. I have good supportive friends and family, but there is a lot of me that does not want people to find out because of the judgement and I feel slightly embarrassed that I am in this situation. In a way I wish I could just fast forward to having this baby here with me and not have to go through these months alone.

Anyone in the same situation or anyone been through this with some good advice??

Thanks for your help
Steph x
Hi Steph,
I think you are very brave! Having your own little baby is the best thing ever smile Don't feel pressured into telling people until you're ready for it, and if people say anything you can go along the lines of what's done is done and you're now focussing on the future.
I'm not in the same situation as you, but i'm almost at the same stage of pregnancy (8.5 weeks) - if we follow each other, we can msg and keep in contact if you like smile
Best wishes to you! Hope you are feeling well x
Dear Steph! Welcome to the forums!

Just wanted to send you love and support. I am sure you don't need no advises because you sound like a strong and wise person. Best wishes to you!
Hi there. I am in the same situation as you and feel much the same way. Except the father of my baby to be is not talking to me at all. I just went and got a scan the other day and saw the heart beat. I can't be sorry I have decided to do this. All that matters is that I have a healthy baby. I am trying not to worry about what people will think but as I start telling people I know they will ask 'What about the father?' That was my biggest worry when telling my parents. I didn't want to admit it was looking like I would be a single parent.

If you want to email me directly my address is
iv mothered my almost 6 year old on my own, this baby im welcoming il be mothering also on my own. ws with father and he was excited, i left him at 6 weeks, by 10 weeks he decided it was acceptable to tell me to get an abortion just because he refuses to pay child support which im sure legally he has no say over. i havnt heard from him since, but i have given opportunities for scans, even his mother, no one turned up. so i can now take his word seriously that he is willing to have nothing to do with his child. You will be ok, it is hard but a rewarding road that you wont regret.

Hi I havnt been through anything like this but I really hope u can hold ur head high this forum will hopefully help u out alot to lots of support and great advice to where bouts do u live xx
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