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I don't know where to start … please help. Lock Rss

My husband and I have just tonight decided to separate and I'm terrified, we have a 3 yr old son and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do from here, I don't have any family close by and I'm just hoping for some advice and a push in the right direction.
I know centerlink will be one of the first places I head, as I'm not currently working - any tips on what I need to ask them ?

Any help is much appreciated, I'm so scared sad
I'm sorry to hear you're going through this sad

You will need to contact Centrelink, as soon as you can. You won't need to ask them anything. Tell them that you and your husband have separated and they'll take you through everything. They will backpay your entitlement to when you contacted them.

You'll probably also need to contact the Child Support Agency, because that impacts your entitlement to Family Tax Benefit A. They're also used to this, and will guide you through the process.

You will need a bank account that is in your name only. Centrelink will not pay Parenting Payment Single into a joint account.

Take care of yourself and your son. You can get through this smile
Thank you so much for your reply - I'm going into centerlink tomorrow and hopefully things will get sorted sad
Sorry to hear that you are going through that, I know the feeling I'm going through it too well not just but since November, Centrelink is the first thing you need to do as already said they will help with lots of things, then you need to contact child support unless the husband is willing to pay child support straight to u without them being involved, then depends if he wants to see the child/ren, but it's better to have a parenting plan put in place either by a solicitor or a place like interrate depending on where u r is to what it might be called, it helps a lot to have that in place smile hope that helps you if you would like to chat let me know smile
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