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Hi all, I'm recently separated as of November from a 6 year marriage, I have a nearly 2 year old who is my world, my problem is that I have is that I would love to be able to another one but seems impossible atm was hoping someone might be able to suggest either ways to get around the feeling or want, or a solution,
My other part is that my x has been posting on fb about how much weight he has lost and looking for another girl already, which I don't really care about but I just feel he is trying to rub it in my face..
We also have been going through the mediation process but I feel he is only making the effort for now again to get at me as he has rarely care since the little one was born, and they seem to take his side with everything
Thanks for reading sorry it is a little bit long just feeling down and sad atm needing some advice or even someone to talk to that has been through it
I'm not sure if you're referring to wanting another child or a man in your life.

Regardless, after a 6yr marriage it's expected you will feel lonely and upset. All I can suggest is remove him from your FB, and concentrate on looking after your child and yourself. Just try and be the best loving and supporting mum you can be and you will find the strength and happiness that you deserve a lot sooner than later.
Thanks for the reply, I was meaning another child, a man would be nice too,
I try not to think of him at all it makes it hard when he wants to see my little one when it suits him and wants more time with her,
Thank you for your help smile has made me feel better
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