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I need Advice Please Lock Rss

Hi, I am after some advice. My partner was caught cheating when I was six months pregnant so have decided to do it alone. My DS is 3 months and im struggling to find boundaries in the visitation. So far I have allowed visits when ever he wanted but he is now showing up unannounced, sometimes dumping my DS awake to use my computer, takes over the tv and makes himself drinks and leaves me the dishes. It is starting to do my head in. I need advice on setting the boundaries, being a newborn in winter hasn't been easy as I can't really take him out to visit at a mutual place and the housing situation of my ex is not appropriate for him to be there. Any suggestions will be much appreciated
After him getting caught cheating, I would tell him outright where to go! Explain your not comfortable with him popping in un announced and for good reason. He gave up his rights to be around all the time when he cheated. And I wouldn't be having a bar of it. Don't let him walk all over you. As he has already most likely broken your heart, he doesn't deserve to do what he pleases when he pleases, there are times and places he can visit the kids at your discretion, not his. You need to bite the bullet and just tell him how u feel.
I despise cheaters.. They make me sick, if it was me I wouldn't let him in my house at all! I feel sorry for you having to put up with him.

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