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After 13 yrs of lots of emotional abuse and feeling trapped i have made the decision that its best for me and my kids, 3.5 & 6.5 to leave. I know my hubby wont take it at all well as his first marriage ended 17yrs ago but he's still carrying around so much emotional baggage and i cant deal with it anymore. We tried counciling 7yrs ago and have come around to the same mistrust issues again. I cant do this anymore and i know my kids and i will be better off leaving. I just dont know how or where to go as cant really lob on family doorstep and i know hubby wont leave the house. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
You need to set yourself up first with bank accounts only in your name, some money etc. Then contact Centrelink and they will be able to give you more advice.

Good luck.

In most states there are normally womens association groups that can help with situations like yours, getting you into your own housing quickly ect. I would start by looking into womens groups in your area, I know in my town there a few, I've actually used them myself, they gave me a safe place to stay when I had no where (it was a womens refuge but its only short lived while they help u find accomodation somewhere else) you say your husband was abusing you as well, there is help for ppl like you within these organisations. Do a little bit of research and see if there are any womens groups/associations or even a family support case worker that can help you with this. That would be my best advice for you. Good luck. There is always help for women and children in your situation. You just need to find who and where in your area they are. Look on the Internet and I'm sure you'll find somewhere near you to help.

Thanks. We've always had our own bank accounts so that isn't an issue. Just need to find somewhere for me and the kids to live. Mum is only a short term option and then there is the issue of school for my son as its nowhere near
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