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New to this... how much do you pay in rent? Lock Rss

Ok, so... 2 weeks before Christmas my husband told me he needs a break and asked for separation. He is willing to reassess after a few months, but we are still going ahead like it's a proper separation for now. I am shattered, but oh well, not much I can do! We have 2 girls, a 2 and 4 years old and we are going to deal with it all in the nicest and friendliest way possible as well as 50/50 custody. I decided to be the one moving out as the house we own is way too big for me to maintain on my own, so he is buying my share out and paying my equity. I have a casual job, just to keep me going, but I am afraid it will not be enough. I have no idea how much parenting payment I will be getting at this stage, so I am not sure where to aim in regards to rent prices? Is there anyone out there who earns around $25k per year? How much parental payment do you get and how much do you pay for your weekly rent? Thank you in advance! Just approx answers would be awesome as I feel a little stuck at the moment and my entire family lives in Europe sad
Sorry things are going this way for you!

Sorry! Can't help much with the payments as I'm pretty sure your children's fathers income will effect it, but if you go into here
You should be able to get a rough idea.

For an idea of rent go into or and click on rent and type in the area you would be looking at renting for an idea of prices and what you can get for your money.

I don't know anything about rents on Oz sorry, but hearing others stories I would be staying in the house yourself. Especially if it is owned in joint names you may find out that your husband is required to support you in the house. I honestly don't know, but this is what I have heard.
I would definitely advise investing in some legal advice before you agree to anything or move out.

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