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So, I used to be a regular user of the Huggies forum and I came back because I remembered how the forum used to make me feel like I belonged to a like minded community.

Lately I have had a lot of trouble with my son, he was four last October and is a kind and cheeky little man. But his attitude stinks! He treats me particularly bad but his attitude extends to my partner (not his father), his sister (6), and other relatives like my father. I don't know exactly how he is with his father but from what I have witnessed it isn't any different.

Examples of his behavior include; treating me,DP and DD like a slave ("get me a __ now!",), speaking to me rudely (not using his manners and demanding things), throwing tantrums if I don't let him have what he wants when he wants it, getting aggressive towards his sister (though not often). One of the main things is whinging.

I know that his father is in the habit of simply giving into him if he gets slightly annoyed. For example; I don't buy the kids toys just because, I believe that if they are given a toy it should be earned or a special occasion so that they learn to appreciate things and hard work. Yet, every weekend he buys them toys just because they ask or because DS is whinging. It feels like his attitude and behavior is reinforced by his father while I spend all my time playing the bad guy.

Just this week every day he asked me if he could have a 4w motorbike. I told him that if he was well behaved and saved his pocket money he could buy one when he was older. Then, yesterday on fb I see his father has bought him one. He is FOUR, and due to medical reasons he is not a typical four year old. He is the size and weight of a three year old. My father saw the picture on fb and says the bike and helmet are too big for DS. ( my father has extensive knowledge of motor bikes, has ridden them for years and is a mechanic).
This scenario is a perfect example of what I constantly battle with.

How can I get my ex to see that he is making my life very difficult, is enabling DS bad attitude and also not being a responsible parent?
How can I help my DS overcome his attitude?
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