Well my story is very COMPLICATED as i would put it, but you be the judge - i am a 27 year old, single and happy first time mother. My son is now 9 months old and is such a character - Love him to bits.

So my story starts off with a fairy tale relationship with my partner, i fell pregnant on my visit home as i was working in another country (temporarily) which i found out there. I was so afraid to tell him, but when i did he was more supportive and had so much more love for me than i had expected (i thought he was going to leave me right then and there). Ever though we were in two different countries we were inseparable with the daily calls and messages, until a month before i was due to move back home. The communication just stopped all of sudden and being 4 months pregnant i started to think about what might have happened, i was in such an emotional state then and especially being so close to return home to be with him and to planning our future together.

Well when i returned home, the one person i wanted to see was my partner AND after so many times trying to reach him i finally do and it was a month after i had arrived back home. We finally meet up but its such an awkward and i knew something was up, to my SHOCK he told me he was seeing someone else and he wanted nothing to do with baby and with that being said i fell into a silence mode trying to sink everything in. The thing that really ticked me off the most was him trying to get me to say something like he had things to do and wanted me to hurry up - i really wanted to punch his face BUT i kept my composure and he left unharmed LOL (this is a few days after New Years), so i had a pretty GREAT start to my year huh!?

So anyways after the meeting, i had let him do whatever and my whole focus was on my health and babys. In order to focus i had to block everything of him out, our plans, our past, everything IT WAS THE HARDEST THING EVER!! So i blocked him, his family and the other chick and deactivated my facebook account, changed my mobile number and everything to avoid contact with him and him contacting me.

OK! So come March just days after my bday i picked up my home line to receive a surprising call from him - apologizing, asking how baby is and asking for forgiveness. I was now 7 months pregnant and very comfortable in the position i was put in, with the love and support of my family and NOTHING from him - i had accepted his decision and even though it was hard, i got through it. And for him to call me like that, i was very upset and mixed emotions at what he wanted.

My dilemma right now is, that he has been trying eversince last year March to be a part of me and babys life. Being a mother now i have been very protective of myself and my baby, he is til this day still trying as i am still with my parents and them being very protective of me and baby they want me to move on and forget about him. Its been hard because from the beginning i have always known that a child needs both parents in their life ---- but in the back of my mind i do not want my son to get attached to him and then what if he leaves again??? Or if i go against my parents decision to go with him, what is that telling my parents that i am disrespecting them and not thinking about my child. I am indeed in deep thought about the decision i will make and how it will affect my babys future. I cant make everyone happy right.

Please send me your thoughts, if you've made it right to the bottom LOL yes sorry for the long essay piece, its been a while since i've written and since i've talked about this to anyone - its just been bottled up for so long and my mind is about to EXPLODE!!! Please help this mama sad should i give him a chance, or move on?????????/