Hi mums,

Can someone shed a light for me on why my SPP is rejected.

Background story:

- Gave birth on 25th of March 2018
- Still working until early March 2018 (financial year 2017-2018 totaling to around gross of $20.000)
- Got PPL since April and just stopped recently and my earning will be continued with just the accrued anuual leave which is not much
- So all my earnings from work & PPL is $30.120 for financial year 17-18
- I own a house under my husband’s and my name, and have been paying my portion with my PPL
- I dont rent any room at the moment
- Child support is still on progress (does it have something to do with this?)
- I havent gotten back to work so Im not earning anything other than getting the PPL payment
- my sister stayed for a bit in the house and paid rent and i forgot that i ticked no on the rental income

I applied 7th of July and yesterday the claim was rejected.

Any clue why? I cant see any reasoning on the centerlink page...