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Hello, my ex and I separated mid November after 8 years and it was quite a messy end.. He has not properly been alone with having met his first fling 2 weeks after we broke up and introduced our 2 boys who were at the time 15 months and 2 1/2 years odd 2 weeks after that. He then slept around a bit and then met his latest girlfriend at new years who has 2 children. This Easter weekend they have done the full intro and spending everyday as a new family. We have a 50/50 split arrangement.

My question is.. is this too soon for them to be having this full on blended relationship. I can understand them as a couple taking time to know each other but just over 3 months and they are wanting to play instant happy families? As a mother this just doesn't seem right. One of many concerns is he hasn't properly dealt with what happened with us and is desperate to recreate this new family. My major concern is how will this impact my boys and won't they get confused? Or is it cause they are so young they won't quite understand ? Advise please ????
I don't think you have any reason to panic. Although I completely understand that it may not feel comfortable for you right now given that you are all dealing with the separation and changes.

It is hard to date with young children and it is hard to know when the right time is to introduce a new partner and your/their child. I guess every situation will be different and what people are comfortable with will vary. Without knowing the full situation I think 3 months sounds pretty reasonable. I think if your boys are happy and well looked after then just let it be.
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