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lonely 2 yr old in upper coomera Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
We have just moved to Upper
Coomera and am trying to find some play friends for my 2 1/2 year old daughter. I am down near Bi lo just off Reserve Rd. If you are interested in getting together for play dates, please email me, [email protected]
Thanks Julie
hey julie *wave* we are moving to brisbane early next year (dec/jan) and would love to meet some new people. we have a 17 month old son Jayden. i know its still a few months away but would still love to keep in touch. coomera is goldcoast right?
Hi! Yes Coomera is on the Gold Coast but northern end. Yes please keep in contact!
Where abouts un Brisbane are you looking at?
we are thinking northside smile i wish we knew its so big. its such a scary move especially with a little one and trying to find a good daycare. do you have any ideas on good family orientated suburbs? have you had any luck with finding a little friends for your little girl?
I have 2 lonely children in Hope Island! I have a 4 year old son and 16 month old daughter. My kids play really well together but I am positive they would love a new friend to meet at the park or have play dates with. My email is [email protected] if you would like to organise to catch up.

Hey there,

We are in Ormeau (the new part on the Jacobs Well side). I have a 3 year old boy and 16 month old daughter. I am sure that they would love to meet some new friends their own age. I will email you and Mrs.H later on. Have a great day!
Hi Ladies
Thank you so much for replying, I would love to get together with both of you. I wont have a car for the next couple if week as the motor is being rebuilt, but I am sure we can meet somewhere which is accessible by bus or you are both welcome to come here roll eyes

Hi Julie,
I have an almost 2 1/2 year old DD & a 7 month old DS & would love to catch up for a playdate. I live in Upper Coomera, just near the Coles so not very far from you at all.

Hi Ladies,

I'm from north gold coast too, have you been to the new playcentre that has just opened at the homemaker centre it's great,i'm suprised at how many mums i meet don't know it's there. I work full time so me attending a meet would prob be a no no but just though i'd share for those who don't know, it's full of mums and bubs to meet and they also have classes like dance, story etc each weekday smile

BTW it's called Boomerangs
Thanks for contacting me, I am without a car for about 2 weeks but am sure we can still otgsnise something. I am free most days, maybe a park somewhere?
Thanks Bumpity bump, I did not know about it either!
Hey there

Thanks to Bumpitybump for the info on the play centre. We were going all the way to Jindalee for our playcentre. As most of them don't really cater for kids under 3. We will definatly be checking this one out very soon. As the other one is way to far now with the price of petrol going up! I hadn't heard of it either. Thanks again!
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