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Hi ladies, what do you do with your kids when they are sick with a cold or something? When you can't really have playdates or go to playgroups etc but they are well enough so that they are still in okay spirits and getting bored. Do you stay home with them all day or do you take them out somewhere quiet? Thanks.

I stay inside, or go for a walk. But nowhere where they can share their germs, as the reason they are sick is because someone else went out and shared their germs. I keep them busy, bake, do crafts, make forts, watch movies, etc...
My oldest has chicken pox at the moment , and I'm waiting for my 2yr old to catch it. I've been taking them for walks and to the park, but if other kids are there we don't play.
We have been having a big cleanup of my oldest girls room, she loves helping me setup her room again. Also having been doing lots of crafts and things. Playing new games, reading, practising her writing and playing on her playground her outside.

It's frustrating me to know end, that I can't just get them ready and go to the supermarket to get things for dinner, I have to wait until DP is home, or find someone who has had chicken pox with no kids that can watch the girls for a couple of hours.
if its just a simple cold, runny/bocked nose then its business as usual.If there is a fever then its bed rest and a quiet day.School days are often sorted when they complain they are too sick as we say then its back to bed -no coming downstairs to watch tv and no ipod etc.That usually sorts out if they are "really" sick.Then if they are sick then its bed, panadol and lots of water, then a bit of sun to get a dose of vitamin D(read a book outside).

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

DS was recently ill with bronchitis, a couple of days he really wasn't himself so we just stayed indoors and had quiet time but other than that I didn't feel we could go to playgroup and on playdates and we tried to stay away from other kids, lots of time outdoors wrapped up warm while I did chores in the veggie garden and visiting friend who has no children. smile

I usually stay home. Ds gets bored but I just tell him he is sick & he is to rest so he can get better. This usually translates into annoying the crap out of me all day long. I just let him do activities or play on the computer.

We stay home - away from those who are healthy and or have children.
All 3 of mine recently had a chesty cold and RSV and Asthma. Spend 3 nights in hospital with my youngest (11weeks) and in and out of ER with my 2yr old.
While home we watched plenty of movies, did craft, cooked, spring cleaned (they helped clear out their old toys) and just chilled out.
The novality is wearing thin though as we have been isolated for just under 3 weeks now. Just dont want to go out and pick something up again..

when my baby is sick I usually stay inside at home and tried to give rest him, so he can feel better and recover their health as soon as possible..

Anirtak I read your post and got your point. What you want to ask is what should we do with our babies when they become sick. Well, that’s a tough time period. It depends on your baby’s nature. What he/she like most. Because eating, in this case, is not most wanted procedure. Kids don’t like to eat much more. They become dull. Look like they have tired a lot. parents feel uncomfortable with this situation. What I do is keep them busy for some activity. that activity should not be as heavy as they can’t afford. But don’t let them sleep all the time. this may affect their body temperature. Try to watch cartoons with them. Music can also help to feed them fresh.
Contact with your doctor at time your kid is sick. And go out with your baby.

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I also do not go out with a child. when he is sick We draw, read together.
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