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Mums, bubs or playgroups in the Hutt Valley! Lock Rss

My 10 month daughter and I would love to check out any playgroups in the Hutt Valley area that anyone can recommend! Or even meet up with some mums and bubs and create our own wee one grin
Thank you in advance lovely ladies!
A great list! Thank you so much! We've already checked out the Plunket playgroups and we go to SPACE as well, but I thought I should see if there's anything else out there. It makes a huge difference for sure smile
A walking group would be even better, I need that extra motivation to drag the pram out and get my walk on haha. I'll look into that. I've been to the library kids morning as well (when dd isn't sleeping in lol), which is such a good idea!!
Check for Facebook pages for your area. For example hamilton has one for things to do with under two's and people post details of playgroups and so on. smile

Thanks for the ideas Raspberry Sundae! Every one is more then what I had wink haha.

Thanks for that Shine*on, I'll try having a hunt on Facebook. We actually used to live in Hamilton lol, so that's a very good idea! Hopefully there's something like that down here.
Have a great idea. We should have to make our own entertainment area.
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