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Least favourite holiday/vacation destination, and why? Rss

Let's just keep it fun and try not to offend the population of an entire nation.

The reason I ask is, my mums friend is going off to Disney Land for a holiday, and I couldn't think of anything worse. Except for a lads week away in Magaluf or a skiing trip in the Alps. So I guess it's the actual reason for going and not the destination as such.

Anyone care to share?
I've only been on three holidays in my life (Hafan Y Mor in Pwhelli, Wales; Disneyland Florida, and Corfu, Greece). Out of those three... I'd have to say Disney was my least favourite.
Don't get me wrong, I love Disney. What made it my least favourite was that I'm not really a rollercoaster fan, and I went with a family who absolutely love them so I spent a lot of time bag-watching. I also spent a lot of time going hungry because they all ate at sporadic times and I had no idea when I'd next eat (to the point where I deliberately skipped a ride I wanted to go on in favour of food). I also got horribly home-sick after the first week. I also caught a cold on the third day since I'm not used to the temperature changes (extremely hot outdoors to extreme air-conditioned indoors) and then caught another cold on the day we were flying back, so I was ill for three weeks in total. I also felt left out by my friends half the time, even when I made a concerted effort to try and join in. I was desperately trying one night, stopped to look at a shelf in a shop, turned around and they were gone... and they hadn't even noticed I was missing. So I sat with my friend's dad for a while since he'd recently had a heart attack and was feeling fatigued. They also decided to go and get a photo with Mickey Mouse without me on a day where we decided to split up, and I chose to stay in the hotel to relax. If they'd told me that's where they were going, I would have gone. That was my sole Disney dream ever since I was a kid, to have a hug from Mickey Mouse.
Hafan Y Mor was my favourite. Beautiful scenery, and peaceful, even if my younger stepbrother decided I was the best thing since sliced bread and was stuck to me (almost literally) for the entire holiday.
So in general my least favourite places would be anywhere active and crowded. I like to relax and chill and soak up the atmosphere. ^^
Thank you for your answer.
The airport. Any airport. Though airports can be unique and sometimes have interesting stores, they are all at their most basic the same, with over priced food/drink, bookstores that all sell the same type of boring reading material (it's rare when I come across anything truly interesting to read in those places [book snob much? tongue]), similar seating arrangements, at times, depressing decor (one hopes future space travel centers have higher standards!), and, well, I could go on and on and on ...
And much as I like flying, I do not enjoy over stuffed passenger flights as most of the cheaper flights are these days.
Might try a train at some point. An old style of travel that I understand is easier on pressure sensitive ears. And you get to see some of the countryside. That would be nice.
While I loved other parts of England, I wasn't a big fan of London. Too crowded and honestly, a bit too dirty for my taste, just wasn't expecting what I ended up seeing. I wasn't impressed by the attractions and destination either, nothing worked for me while there.
Oh great memories, we were at Disneyland a year ago! My children took pictures of their favorite cartoon characters and also released energy by visiting the interactive platform where they ran, jumped, climbed and had fun.
I don’t know, my girlfriend traveled around the UAE one last time. And not herself, she and her husband for the first time took with them a one-year-old daughter. But they said that there were no particular problems. Relatives advised them immediately at the destination to contact the company rent a car so as not to use public transport. When they returned, they were in a good mood, they said that they liked everything very much.
Think about your child’s travel safety. Because when in the other direction only adults are one thing, when you are still small children - this is a little more difficult. smile
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