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Kids Recipes


slow cooker Lock

A slow cooker or rice steamer is an automated kitchen appliance designed to boil or steam rice. I...

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Thank you, I will try this.


Dairy free recipes Lock

Hi all, my daughter has excema bad so we are trying to see if dairy is the cause. we have to take...

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Hi, You have not mentioned the age, so it's a bit difficult to suggest, have you tried organic products?

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5 healthy snacks that keep kids full for longer Lock

If you've got a growing child in the house, chances are you've heard them say "I&#...

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Nice tips


Rice and fruit? Lock

Hi, I was wondering if a combination of rice and fruit is actually favoured by children. I seem...

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I think that the fastest way to cook rice is to use food proessor. For instance you may order one from here

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3 Delicious 5-minute Breakfast Recipes for Kids! Lock

1. Berry Sundae This looks like an ice cream sundae, but is a whole lot healthier so your kids w...

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Wow! These are quick recipes! Thank you and can't wait to try them.

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5 great no-cook recipe ideas Lock

When it’s too hot to turn on the stove—or you just can’t face actually cooking, here are some hea...

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Birthday cake ideas! Lock

Check out the Huggies website for dozens of birthday cake ideas and inspiration. Search the galle...

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I don't know how to made birthday cake.


What are your kids eating for breakfast? Lock

Tell us what they are loving - the good and the bad

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Some fruits and juice.


Looking for birthday cake inspiration or want to share a pic of your latest creation? Lock

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then you buy the cake from nearby confectionery shop.


Lunch for friends? Lock

Hi ladies, what do you make when friends and their kids come over for lunch? I always struggle fo...

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You can making bread rolls.


Tim Tam truffles and other delicious recipes Lock

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Very delicious recipe dear i really like this.


Looking for inspiration for your kid's birthday cake? Check these ideas out! Lock

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These are great thanks! I think I will go with this one..


Running out of snack ideas? Check these out! Lock

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What do you put in your toddler's lunchbox for daycare? Lock

Share your recipes, tips and tricks! What do your kids love, what do you avoid and why?

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Hosting a healthy kids party Lock

What are your top tips for avoiding sugary foods for kids birthday parties? Have you got any reci...

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Healthy lunchbox friendly recipes Lock

As every mum knows, it can be hard coming up with new fun-yet-nutritious lunch box ideas for your...

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Courtney Jane

Cupcake/muffin recipe Lock

Hi I'm wondering if any one has some cupcake/muffin recipes to try out with my DS. We made ...

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MBR wrote: This one is dairy-free, grain-free, gluten-free uses honey and vanilla extract


Mr. Independent!! Lock

Hi, my DS has just decided he wants to be independent and feed himself from now on.. I'm com...

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You could make finger foods such as meatballs, meatloaf cut into small pieces, tuna patties, shredded chicken or use egg as the prot...

Bananas Lock

My go-to is from the edmonds cook book (not sure if you guys have it in aus?) Ice it with either ...

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Hi Ladies, nice recipes. I'll try these.


home made sausage rolls Lock

I thought I'd try making sausage rolls, and this recipe turned out great! Just thought I'd share ...

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Jelrik wrote: You should try my fathers recipe for Dutch Sausage Rolls: He has made them for years as ...

An Angels Gift <3

Sugar free or sugar alternatives Lock

I'm trying to cut down on the sugar in my kiddies diets but am a little stuck in ideas. Win...

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Try these 'Where's the Sugar' cookies recipe I found online: 2 ½ cups whole wheat pastry flour 1 ½ cups sucanat 2 egg...


Quick ... what to bake with one small banana??? Lock

DH & DDs left for the day an hour ago so I've already cooked tea for tonight and current...

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Banana piklets just add mashed banana to the batter


Fresh fruit cake Lock

l've wanted to try one of these for ages. My niece has just turned 6 and on a 40 degree day...

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How cool is that?!!! Double bonus wouldn't feel too guilty going back for seconds!

Geez Lock

All dried fruit has high sugar content

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Cereals are always frighteningly sugary. Even the ones you think should be healthy are loaded with salt and sugar.

Cake Lock

What about this one T- Could make it into a...

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Breakfast Lock

I actually ate breakfast this morning! I had crunchy peanut butter on toast and nope they didn&#x...

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We eat oat porridge and apple juice. Such way our day starts

Chocolate crackles Lock

4 cups rice bubbles 1 cup coconut ½ cup cocoa 1 ½ cups icing sugar 250g kremelta I melt the kre...

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just made some for b'day party. turned out great. 4 cups coco pops, 1 cup dess. coconut, 1cup icing sugar, 250g copha and my se...

Rainbow cookies Lock

Oh cool they look good how do they taste?

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Yum I want to make these for myself!


Recess Ideas Please Lock

I am after ideas for recess. Things that freeze well would be great. I have made today piklets, ...

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Vegetable quiche freezes nicely.


Easiest MEATBALLS ever!! My new Gluten and Egg Free Recipe of the week! Lock

So my wee man (10months old) gets rashes when he has gluten or eggs so I am forever trying out ne...

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Hi Earthgoat I'll give these a try, we are doing BLW an haven't tried meatballs as yet How's the sleeping going?


Putting super easy cake in the over ...... Lock

This just seems too easy!! Mix 1 cup each of coconut, milk, caster sugar, and SR flour. Put int...

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LindyLou78 wrote: At creche, any recipe with sugar - the amount is halved. Probably could do that with this recipe, but add some fr...

Dairy free cookies Lock

Yep- i went dairy free awhile ago but im not home at the moment to find this good cookie recipe i...

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Cake Recipe safe for allergies Lock

Hi, Can anyone help urgently with a good cake recipe. I volunteered to come in and help the kids ...

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We have a Vegan Cake Recipe in our Huggies recipe finder. You would need to substitute a gluten free baking mix for the flour though...


Chewy chocolate crackles Lock

Anyone heard of or had these? I went to kids party once and they had these there and they were de...

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God, I haven't made chocolate crackles in ages. I think I did a batch last year for ds's birthday party. Never knew you ...


Practising Letters Lock

We were driving to a party today and Tutu was practising her letters. She likes to figure out wha...

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corned beef/silverside heeelp Lock

Has anyone got a really good recipe for corned beef?? i bought some today and have never cooked i...

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oh boy what to choose lol


Easy slow cooker recipes Lock

Hi, we are due to have our second baby in 8 and a bit weeks. Seeing it will be middle of winter a...

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Salsa Chicken (Super Easy!) 2 chicken breasts cut up 1x Jar Salsa 1 Packet Taco Seasoning 1x Zucchini Sour Cream Put chicken in sl...


looking for a diced lamb slow cooker recipe Lock

Has anyone got a tried and tested diced lamb slow cooker recipe?? I want to dust off the old slow...

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I cooked this the other night for the first time and it was delicious! Served with mashed potato and added a few extra veggies!http:...

Easy recipes for things that LOOK good? Lock

You could do ginger crunch or cupcakes. I find that cupcakes go down really well and you can make...

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curious one's lil duo wrote: doublewammy wrote: Yeah, I never put nuts in mine at all, i can post the recipe I use if you like,...