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has anyone got a theromix? Lock Rss

I have had heaps of friends rav on about their themomix!! Its sounds great
but its alot of money !! has anyone got one? and do you use it ??
wub wub wub Use mine everyday smile
Yesterday I made chocolate cake, bolognaise sauce and tomato soup - all in around an hour and then after dinner dh was feeling like something sweet so I made him sorbet in around 3mins and all with basic ingredients, nothing processed or premade:)
Today I made scones for the kids breakfast (they were getting sick of their usual!) I made another batch of tomato soup (yesterdays was so yummy the kids wanted it again) and then the first step of home-made ice-cream smile
Can you tell how much I love this machine grin
What is it? Ive never heard of it...
Well I friend came over last night with her's, and cook us dinner OMG
what a machine Im in love !!! best of all dh was home and was amazed as well. Told me to order one ASAP YAYAYAYAYAAY
How i just have to wait until it comes sad

Some info

Thermomix TM 31 (Bimby) is the most advanced kitchen appliance on the market today and is without rival.
The product of more than 40 years of German design and innovation, Thermomix unites the functions of over 10 appliances in one compact unit. Thermomix will amaze you with its ability to chop, beat, mix, whip, grind, knead, mince, grate, juice, blend, heat, stir, steam and weigh food.
and cooks and cleans itself !!!
Our friend has one and she uses it for everything even to make lemonade and soup!!! Bit to exepnsive for me...well dh anyway lol

It sounds awesome. Where did you get it from and how much was it?
My sister has one. I would LOVE one especially so I make dinner's easier an HEAPS quicker!!!
I don't have one of these myself, but I would totally LOVE to own one. A lot of family members have invested in one and they really are the best thing on the market. $2500 is a lot of money, and even on a payment plan we can't really afford it - just hope my Mum gets bored of hers and might pass it on... wishful thinking much?
I got mine last christmas and love it! i find i cook much healthier food and save so much money. I know i was worried about the costs but since i have gotten it i find its worth its weight in gold.

I have had heaps of friends rav on about their themomix!! Its sounds great
but its alot of money !! has anyone got one? and do you use it ??

Bought mine after thorough research 6 weeks ago. WOW they are fantastic, use several times daily. Sold my VitaMix, MagiMix, Grater, Juicer etc.
Butter, quick and simple, and CHEAP with $6 for 2 litres cream at local Market in Whangarei, so much better for children than margerines (artery hardeners!) with their chemically altered oils. Make Coconut milk for 78c litre, Almond/Rice milk less than $1 litre. ANYTHING you want to make just google Thermomix and the recipe and I can almost guarantee someone somewhere is making it. Pet foods, washing detergents, list is endless. Clean-up is a breeze with a result my dishwasher takes many more holidays. Saves heaps if you have allergies as you can make all the expensive foods/drinks at home in seconds. Great if you are a meat eater, vegan or vegetarian.
Yes I am in love with mine, so much so am going to become a consultant so more people can see them in action. I would downsize my home for one if I had to!
Well I was a normal happy, home baker using my normal kitchen appliances.... untill I read this

Now my life is going to feel empty untill I can get one!!!! sad laugh

note to self.. go get a job your kitchen needs you to!
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i have only had mine a couple of months but already am totally in love with it.... hope DH doesn't get too jealous!!! (LOL)!! Very much worth it's price, even tho it is a hard bite to chew for a start. Once you have had one for a while, you certainly wouldn't want to go without it!!
my very fussy DD1 (5yrs) will actually eat now, fresh food has so much more flavour!!!!!!!!!
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