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preservative/Artificial colour-free diet for children Lock Rss

hi has anyone tried a preservative/Artificial colour-free diet for your children and if so did it help to settle them down? i have 2 very hyproactive boys whom tend to b very naughty i was thinking about changing their diet but i have no idea where to start could someone please help me
Are you talking about at "failsafe diet" by Sue Dengate? I sounds like what you need - a diet that avoids not only the harmful additives, but natural chemicals in food such as salicylates and amines. She is Australian, so talks about food proucts and problems relevant to here. Almost anyone would benifit from her diet -my daughter goes a bit berko on strawberries !

Look up

In particular

There are forums to help with menu ideas.

I sort of loosley follow her ideas, but my daughter doesn't have any obvious intolerances, so I use it as a guideline. I recently watched her video "Fed Up" and it was just great to see how children benifit from a failsafe diet.

i.e. 9 - 12 year old multi offendersin the UK given a failsafe diet and EVERYTHING improved - patience, able to sit still, concentration, anger etc.
People say the results are apparent in days! one example was removing bread with preservatives in it.

I also have an adult friend that avoids salicylicates due to migranes, but thats a natural chemical in foods. An a friends nephews who follows it due to ADHD.

Good luck. I used to live in Coffs where she is fro, so have heard about her for years and it seems to be a relivtly simple answer to behaviuoral problems - especially for people whos whole life was effected.
DD has been on an artificial colour/flavour and preservative free diet sinve she started solids. I can't tell you whether it helps with her behaviour but I have observed that she is much more easy to manage than my friends kids!!

It isn't that hard, you just need to start reading labels but once you know what brands are ok it's easy.
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