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october babies Lock Rss

my baby was born october 14th, a beautiful baby girl, Anabel Kate. with a length of 48cm and weighing 3160grams.
would love to hear about how other october mums r doing and just b able to chat about how our little ones r progressing.
i think its important to be able to have ppl to talk to about problems and the happy times and during my pregnancy i found this site very helpful in the way of getting and giving advice from ppl experiencing the same things.

megan, vic, anabel (14.10.05)

Hi Meegs,Iwas just looking at the Oct post and noticed its gone quiet everyone must be busy with new bubs.Well Brody is now 5 1/2 weeks & starting to get chubby cos he eats non stop,i also got my first smile yesterday.How is being a mum going?

ME25, DF28, DD 4, DS18 months

Hi Megan, my name is Amanda and i had a little girl born 14/october too. We named her Janet May and she was three weeks early (i was induced) and weighed 2640grams and was 55cm long! I have only just joined the club as i have been in Townsville for three months due to a pregnancy related medical condition and we didn't have a phone connection up there so no email. Jenny and i are doing well now though and very relived to be home. Had a few days of upset tummy after getting home as i discovered what i couldn't eat due to breast feeding. Its amazing how a little piece of chocalate can upset their tummies for hours. I've had to cut out coffee and chocalate completly and also onion,cabbage,garlic,beans and anything spicy. The first night home i had a coffee and piece of chocalate about 6pm, i fed her at 10pm before bed and she woke at midnight and screamed solid till 6am, that was enough to ensure i didn't indulge again i can tell you, we had only just arrived back in Mount Isa after a 14 hour drive from Townsville, and it had been a really hot hummid day so we were pretty exausted, it was also my first day out of hospital in two weeks (i was hospitalised a week before birth)so I was pretty shaky and sore. Would love to no if anyone else found things they couldn't eat, havn't had any more probs since diet control.Bye Now Amanda, Doug & Janet

i had my baby on 7/10/05 a baby boy, Jayden Ty he weighed 3170grams and was 49 cm i had a really great birthing experience i would love to chat to ppl with babies around the same age as jayden
Hi Meegs...I have just had my second baby. His name is Jayden and was born on the 12th of October (my birthday!!). I have another son, Liam, who is 2 years old! Jayden is just beautiful and growing really well! He was 55cm long and 4.2kg..YEP! A big boy! Would love to hear from you...feel free to email me [email protected]
hi meegs, my baby was born on oct 8th, a georgous big boy who we named Jed Thomas 9lb6 and 51cm long.
He is 10 weeks old today. i have the best job in the world i never new being a mother was so good!!!

Baby Jed is now 11 weeks old, he too was always smiling and gooing never crying but 2 night's ago he was very unsetteled.The next day he screamed all morning and i never new what was wrong with him till i felt his gum's. He is teething! OUCH!! Is this unusual? I am now giving him panadol to settle him and he is much better. HELP

congrats on all october babies,i'm and 18 year old single mother of a beautiful baby girl named taleah nicole that came into the world on 11/10/05 weighing 2980gms and 53cm lenght after being in a 2 day labour cause my waters broke on the sunday night and was in hospital the monday with mild contrctions then being induced on the tues at 8am and giving birth at 6:22pm it was long and stressful both the pregnancy and the labour even getting a second degree tear that had trouble healing, taleah is now 12 weeks on tues and smiling lots , making cooing noises when u speak to her, and even tough i love her to death it's so hard sometimes i wish i was still living life as a teenager . well i hope you all had a wonderful x mas with your beautiful babies and have a happy new year and hopefully i'll hear from you all soon

cassie xxx

cassie,qld,6wk baby

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